Nate Burleson is guaranteeing a victory over the 8-3 Bears this Sunday. I think this has many football fans wondering…..what is Burleson smoking and can he pass the good stuff to the left hand side? Sitting at the top of the NFC North with the Packers, I am happy to see the bottom feeder of the division wanting to give this game meaning.

It’s much better then the Lions slapping Drew Stanton in and accepting the loss….oh wait…you mean Drew Stanton is starting? I think we can all agree Burleson should return to Calvin Johnson’s shadow and stop giving the other team bulletin board material.

The Detroit News reports: Lions receiver Nate Burleson, upon learning that Drew Stanton would start at quarterback Sunday against the Bears, announced that he was guaranteeing a Detroit victory.

“Yeah, I said we’re going to win,” Burleson said of the Lions (2-9). “We only have five games left and my goal is to finish 7-9. Like I’ve been saying all year, we don’t have a team on our schedule that we can’t beat.

“I am not saying the Chicago Bears aren’t good. They are a very good football team. They can take this as bulletin board material if they want, but we play to win the game. I am not going to tell you I hope we win or that we’re going to lose in a close battle. Whoever steps onto our home field Sunday, we’re going to try and leave with a victory.”

1 thought on “Lions WR Burleson Guarantees Victory over Bears”

  1. He never guaranteed anything. He said that he expects to win this game just like he expects to win every other game. I’m pretty sure no NFL player goes into a game expecting to lose.

    Lions suck. Everyone knows it. If Chicago needs to believe this lie to feel better about themselves so be it.

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