After a problem involving insurance, the Chicago Bulls Luol Deng is cleared to play for Great Britain in the European Basketball Championships.

Deng, who was born in Sudan, lived in the UK and attended Blair Academy High School in New Jersey, has played for Britain before. The National reported Deng wrote he was happy to play for Great Britain again after the insurance dispute was taking care of.

“Playing for GB is always important to me so I’m really glad we could resolve this. It has been a long process but a great team effort,” Deng wrote.

The insurance problem Deng and former Bull and current Detroit Piston Ben Gordon overcame dealt with liability issues. Great Britain wanted the two players to come over but didn’t have an insurance policy to cover the team. Without the policy, neither one of the United States players could suit up.

Playing in the European Championships is a different situation than playing overseas in leagues. Many players play in these championships every summer, so, it’s not an effect of the lockout. With that said “Mr. Consistency” is making a good decision to continue playing ball and solidifying his consistency on an international level.

Hopefully the Euro Championships which will be played Aug. 31 to Sept. 18 will find TV time in the US.





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