Miami Herald Runs Ad Congratulating Heat On Winning NBA Title

The Miami Herald made a monumental mistake today. Miami fans are upset enough that they just lost the NBA Finals, now the home town paper mistakenly ran an ad congratulating the team on winning the NBA Title.

​As if reading the Sports section didn’t suck enough for Heat fans this morning, Miami Herald readers opened their paper to find a nearly full-page ad reading “Congratulations Miami!” next to photos of Heat championship T-shirts and hats from Macy’s. (“Raise Another Banner” — ughhhhh.)

Maybe Mark Cuban took this out as a extra special Monday morning foot-to-the-balls for Heat fans? He’s devious. We won’t put it past him.Just for extra effect, the ad runs directly under a banner headline about how badly the Heat’s point guard’s sucked and an all-caps header proclaiming: DALLAS WINS BEST OF 7 SERIES 4-2.

Thanks, Miami Herald. You are the fourth-quarter LeBron James of local sports coverage


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