Modern Day Sisyphus

Kenny Williams since beginning his tenure as Sox GM has been on a quest, a quest to find a rotation anchor, an undisputed Ace.

Like Sisyphus of Greek Mythology it has seemed that Williams has been strenuously rolling a giant rock up a steep hill only to watching it roll to the bottom when he reaches that pinnacle. That rock has had different names, names like Colon, Ritchie and Wells but no matter how carefully crafted that rock constantly plummets down the hill. But, has he finally found a way to steady that rock?

It seems that may come in the form of the lefty Chris Sale. After taking the fast track to the Major Leagues, the lefty has looked like he is as advertised.
After winning 10 games going into the All-Star break he kicked off his second half by winning an 8 inning decision against the Royals. Sale has lead the AL in ERA most of the year and has kept his hits/ 9IP (6.8) in line with career averages and has improved his BB/ 9IP average (2.0).

Now comes the real challenge. Sale is more than 30 innings above his career high (110.2) and this is often where most new starters beak down, especially since the Sox rotation has leaned partially on him throughout the season and with the Sox in a tight race with the surprisingly quiet Tigers, the Sox will need to continue to lean on the lefty.

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