Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

Near the intersection of North and Milwaukee sits the shining star of the greatest food and beverage combination in history. Piece Brewery and Pizzeria brings together what every male human being on Earth needs to survive… pizza and beer.

Piece offers up New Haven style pizza, which may be¬†sacrilegious¬†in Chicago (come on, everybody needs a break from deep dish sometimes), that are delicious. They pile on the toppings and will gladly set you up with a huge pizza that will be enough for a small army. If you don’t think that pizza will be enough to stop your raging appetite, Piece has a nice selection of appetizers. I’ll go ahead and recommend the goat cheese, which is a huge ball of goat cheese baked in their marinara sauce and served with garlic bread. It’s fantastic.

But, enough about food, let’s talk beer. Piece Brewery is a world class beer destination. I’m allowed to say “world class”, because they’ve gathered more than 20 awards for their fermented wares from huge tasting tournaments (Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup) making their beers some of the best in the city. Their latest award was for the Dark & Curvy Dunkelweizen which is a dark and not-too-heavy beer that’s perfect for the upcoming cooler weather.

Oh, and if you’re planning on having a few buddies over to watch football this Sunday, Piece offers a large pizza and growler fill to go for just $25. That’s hard to turn down.

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