Quick Hits: Draft picks, All-Stars, Stewart, Dempster

Here’s a update on your Chicago Cubs!

As of today, the Cubs have officially signed 24 of 40 draft picks. Here are the signed draft picks:

Round 1A:  RHP Pierce Johnson
Round 1B: RHP Paul Blackburn
Round 3: RHP Ryan McNeil
Round 4: RHP Josh Conway
Round 5: LHP Anthony Preito
Round 6: RHP Trey Lang
Round 7: 2B Steve Bruno
Round 8: LHP Michael Heesch
Round 9: C Chad Krist
Round 10: RHP Chad Martin
Round 11: OF Rashad Crawford
Round 13: OF Bijan Rademacher
Round 14: RHP Corbin Hoffner
Round 15: C Carlos Escobar
Round 16: RHP Mike Hamann
Round 17: LHP Nathan Dorris
Round 18: SS David Bote
Round 21: RHP Steve Perakslis
Round 22: RHP Eduardo Orozco
Round 28: C Lance Rymel
Round 30: OF Izaac Garsez
Round 32: SS Tim Saunders
Round 35: 3B Ben Carhart
Round 40: 1B Jacob Rogers

*There’s a very good chance the Cubs signed 2nd round pick, RHP Duane Underwood. He was at Wrigley Field yesterday throwing a bullpen session. After he finished throwing the bullpen session, he was on the field taking pictures with family. There’s nothing out there that he has been signed, but from the looks of it, he has been signed under the table.

*As you can see, the Cubs have yet to sign 1st round pick Alberto Almaro. I would not worry because the Cubs will sign him by the deadline to sign draft picks. He’s trying to get as much money out if the Cubs as he can. So .. he’s waiting until the last second to sign.

**In surprising news yesterday, the Cubs had 2 players that were named to the all-star game. One player was surprising and the other player was not. SS Starlin Castro and 1B/OF Brian LaHair are the Cubs going to Kansas City. I didn’t thnk LaHair was going to go to the game as he’s been struggling, but again, 1B in the NL are very weak. The great story continues for LaHair.

**More bad news for 3B Ian Stewart: He will have to undergo surgery on his wrist due to an injury in 2005. He will miss 6-10 weeks and hope to return in September. Let’s hope this fixes his hitting issues, but don’t get your hopes up.

**When Ryan Dempster come off the DL, the Los Angeles Dodgers are expected to go all out for him. The Cubs have said they are willing to pay all of Dempster’s contract to attract better prospects in the deal. Of which the Dodgers don’t have, but they do have money. It will be interesting to see how the Demspter saga ends up.

Well that’s the latest from the Cubs point of view!

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