Rumor: Matt Garza to the Diamondbacks? *Update: Texas Making Late Run at Garza?*

Update: Could the Texas Rangers be making a late run for Matt Garza? The Rangers could offer top prospect Jurickson Profar in a trade for Garza, per Bob Nightengale. He’s not off the table in Garza talks. The Cubs, of course, will have to add more to the trade. The trade could be a blockbuster in the making. We’ll find out soon enough. 

According to Nick Diunte, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Matt Garza could be an Arizona Diamondback in the next few days. Here’s what Diunte tweeted; “based on multiple conversations throughout the day w/ personnel across the baseball spectrum Matt Garza will be a Diamondback in a few days.”

The Arizona Diamondbacks were expected to make a late run at Garza and it appears they may offer the most for Garza. The Diamondbacks were the 3rd team involved in Garza, joining the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox.

The Rangers are in ‘love’ with Garza, but don’t want to pay the price. The Rangers are not interested in trading Martin Perez for Garza and that may be the dealbreaker. The Rangers would trade Mike Olt in a Garza trade, but he wouldn’t be the centerpiece. Olt has struggled; however, there is still interest from the Cubs side in Olt. As just another player, not headliner for Garza. The Cubs are asking for pitcher Nefali Feliz frm the Rangers, but I’ll be surprise Texas does offer Feliz. There’s no word on what the Rangers said to that.

The Red Sox could be caving on the pursuit of Garza. Due to Garza’s high price, but may have beat the Rangers offer. Theo Epstein knows the Red Sox system and knows what players could be future major leaguers. I’m not a fan of the Red Sox system and would rather try to get the Rangers and Diamindbacks to blink and overpay for Garza.

The Diamondbacks do have interesting names that could come the Cubs way. However, no names were mentioned on who could come to the Cubs. It’s all speculation right now. One name the Cubs will have interest in is Tyler Skaggs. A 22-year old LHP whom is major league ready and currently pitching for the Diamondbacks. Another name the Cubs are surely interested in is Archie Bradley. A 20-year old RHP. Bradley may not be ready for the majors yet, but he sure is close. The Cubs will have interest in both players and one of those players will have to be the headliner coming back to Chicago, plus more.

The Cubs could always add players to make the trade bigger and get a better return. That’s always a possibility and has been talk about already.

That’s the latest from the Garza talks and Garza is expected to be traded very soon. Texas could make a late run at Garza and make an offer the Cubs can’t decline. Only time will tell.

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