Sad Incident at the Boston Marathon – Cops Have Potential Suspect

Update: The Mayor of Boston confirmed a third bombing. The bomb was detonated at the JFK library. The bomb started from the mechanical room. It’s unknown if anyone was injured from that bombing.

In un-related news, the Boston Bruins have cancelled their hockey game tonight vs. the Ottawa Senators. The game has not been re-scheduled yet. 

Breaking news: Boston cops are guarding a guy believe to be the suspect of the bombings at a near-by hospital. 12 people are confirmed to be dead and at least 50 people are injured. More to come…

Today Boston and the County took another hit. Two explosives were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. According to an eye witness, the bombs went off an hour after the first person crossed the line. The first bomb went off and about 20 seconds later the second bomb was detonated. The reason for that was to try and get as many people over there and to injure the most people possible.

The incident happened around 3:00 p.m. Boston time. Many believe both bombs were a pipe bomb.

The last incident to happen in out Country was the Newton Elementary shooting in early Fall. The Boston Marathon had runners from the Newton incident and families were in the VIP section of the Marathon. However, all of them are safe and unharmed. Thank god!

Reports have confirmed at least 2 more bomb devices has been recovered and did not detonate.

The next big Marathon is the Chicago Marathon that takes place in October. You better believe every precaution will be taken.

We don’t know if it was a terrorist attack or just a random crazy guy killing people. Sadly, we do see that happen all the time in this Country.

My prayers are with everybody involved in the Boston Marathon, victims, families and friends! 

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