Series: Matt Garza and the Detroit Tigers

First up in my week long of series regarding Matt Garza are the Detroit Tigers. Many feel the Tigers are the favorite to land Matt Garza. Manly because of their prize prospect pitcher Jacob Turner. However, the Tigers may have a hard time trading him. But the Tigers GM has made note he’s willing to include Turner in a package for a pitcher.

A package revolving around Jacob Turner would not allow the Cubs to acquire much more with him. Since the Tigers are wiling to involve Turner in any deal, I would figure Team Theo is trying to get a trade done with the Tigers. Jacob Turner is the best player the Cubs could acquire in any trade. The best part he’s a pitcher and that’s what the Cubs want in return for Garza. Not to mention he’s only 20 years old and can help contribute to the team now. Before the 2011 season, Turner was ranked the 21st best prospect in baseball by Baseball America. He probably went up following another good year in 2011. Jacob Turner stats.

Another player the Cubs would love to get their hands on is the Tigers 2nd best prospect 3B Nick Castellanos. Since the Cubs want Jacob Turner more, there’s no way they will acquire Castellanos. So…. the Cubs may have to look down the line for more players. One player that comes to mind is pitcher Andy Oliver. You can find his stats here. Nothing looks outstanding from this guy, but could be a good 3-4 starter on the Cubs. He’s also 24 years old. The Cubs may want more in a deal, but the next player may not be too promising. However, don’t un-trust Team Theo. They will surprise us and have already. If the Cubs did acquire Jacob Turner and Andy Oliver in a deal for Matt Garza… 3 pitchers in their starting rotation will be 20 (Jacob Turner), 24 (Travis Wood) and 24 (Andy Oliver). That’s what the Cubs want and would work well. More pitchers young into their 20’s could still be acquired. I think if Carlos Marmol is dealt, he would acquire a young starter who is major league ready.

So… do you think the Detroit Tiger look like a good bet for Matt Garza?

Next up… Matt Garza and the Miami Marlins.

2 thoughts on “Series: Matt Garza and the Detroit Tigers

  • January 3, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    Yeah, no way the tigers trade either Turner or Castellanos for Garza. Porcello may be an option but I think even that is pushing it. Even IF the tigers were thinking about trading a minor league prospect, it would definitly be a pitcher as they have 2 or 3 potential top of the order pitchers, but Castellanos is the only sure-fire bat in thier system.

  • January 3, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    Most likely trying to move Drew Smyly for Garza if anything. Just because Theo is a good GM, but I dont thing he has the ability to rape a contender of their top prospect for a number 3 pitcher

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