SOURCES CONFIRM: Ashton Kutcher Will Join Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher is definitely #winning. Sourced are confirming that Ashton Kutcher will join the cast of Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen is raging right now. Well….raging more, because he was already raging. ChiCitySports is 100% behind Ashton because well…he’s a vocal Chicago sports fan.

Two sources close to the deal-making tellThe Hollywood Reporter that the actor is putting the final touches on a deal to replace Charlie Sheen as the star of TV’s No. 1 comedy. CBS, studio Warner Bros. and Kutcher’s reps at CAA declined to comment on the situation but a deal is said to be all but signed. The exact dollar figure he will be paid is not known but a source says Kutcher is getting a “huge payday” to join the hit sitcom.

The deal came together quickly in the wake of Hugh Grant passing on the opportunity to join the show. Now sources say Men creator Chuck Lorrehas crafted a storyline to introduce Kutcher in a way that satisfies the network and studio. “It’s really funny,” says one source. “People are going to love it.”


One thought on “SOURCES CONFIRM: Ashton Kutcher Will Join Two and a Half Men

  • May 23, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    Vegas has to be taking bets on if the show will tank or not with Ashton Kutcher aboard. Bets on if the ratings are as good as when Charlie Sheen was on the show. If not yet, start setting the odds. It should attract many of those who bet on sport events. The CBS show airs on Monday nights usually after ABC’s Monday Night Football. Many tuned in to the show after the Monday night game or recorded it.

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