For the first time in this young season that White Sox have won a series, and by a sweep!

“I think the feeling is any time you can win games where you know everybody is not clicking and it’s just not coming easy, you feel like you kind of got away with one,” Konerko said. “You’re always positive about the next game that that’s the game your going to go out and get 15, 16 hits and score seven, eight runs. So, it’s nice to get a win when we’re not doing that.”

Danks was brilliant once again as he went 8 strong only giving up 2 runs which paved way for an easy save for Jenks.

“They’ve got something rolling their way, that’s for sure,” League said. “Nothing to take away from them because they’re great hitters. But when you see three home runs to win the game in three days.”  This is not exactly the “small ball” type team that Ozzie was looking for but a win is a win right?

The Sox(8-11) start a series with the Texas Rangers in Arlington, TX on Tuesday.

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