Sox, Jays were close to Peavy deal in Offseason

Jake Peavy was almost dealt to the Toronto Blue Jays in October
Jake Peavy was almost dealt to the Toronto Blue Jays in October

Today a story broke via Aaron Gleeman on HardballTalk saying that the Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulus was close to acquiring the right-hander in October. According HBT’s source Shi Davidi the Blue Jays would have traded for Peavy and exercised his $22 million option had the deal gone through. Davidi was not clear on who the White Sox would have received, however the Blue Jays would not acquire Peavy and would go on to trade for RA Dickey later on.

This story is interesting because this trade would have effectively sent the White Sox into the early stages of a rebuild because at the time there was a lot of speculation surrounding Gavin Floyd as well. Had the Sox dealt Peavy, the move would have severely weakened the pitching staff, and probably would have resulted in a domino effect leading to the departure of Floyd as well.

The question that remains is: “What persuaded Rick Hahn to give the division title another go?” Hahn must have saw something to give him the confidence to the re-sign Peavy and try to compete again, but we may never know what that was. It is clear that the Sox front office was not comfortable with their chances this year, or they wouldn’t have even thought about trading the bulldog, but they took a gamble, re-signed him. At the moment the team is struggling and it seems as though Hahn should have just taken the prospects and ran. However, it is still early, so there is exponential room for improvement, but if the Sox do as bad as some think this non-trade may turn into a bigger blunder.

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