Sox pick up 9th straight win in Minnesota

15 runs.  29 Hits.  The Sox had an early 4-0 lead, then it was the Twins who would take the lead just a half inning earlier.  This was a roller coaster game for both teams so pay attention carefully.

After battling off a few pitches, Juan Pierre would win the battle with a bloop single to short left field.  With the hit and run on it was Vizquel who would move Pierre to third on the single.  Alex Rios would get the job done with a sac fly to deep left center field.  After the Konerko single, moving Vizquel to third, Carlos Quentin would knock him in with another sac fly. Gordon Beckham would blast a shot to the second deck of left field making it 3-0.  Later in the second after Pierre got to third, it was again Alex Rios with the sac fly making it 4-0.  Just when it seemed that the Sox had given Danks a nice lead, things would turn.  With one out in the 2nd a fly ball to right center field would doom the Sox when Rios and Quentin nearly collided causing Alex Rios to drop the ball.

This was only the beginning for what would become a disastrous inning. With Kubel on second and Thome on 1st, Jim Thome would knock in Kubel to cut the Twins deficit  to 3.  It was then a Nick Punto single that would cut the Sox lead in half. A Span single would score Hardy and move Punto to 3rd.  The killer of the  inning was the base clearing double by Joe Mauer giving the Twins the 6-4 lead. Gordon Beckham got one back in the 4th on the RBI single.  It was then a big 5th inning by the Sox putting the good guys on top.  A balk by Burnett would score Carlos Quentin tying the game.  AJ quieted his haters by scoring Kotsay via the RBI double.

It was then Juan Pierre with the RBI ground out making it 8-6.  The Twins would threaten in the 9th, scoring a run with the RBI single by Delmon Young.  But Big bad Bobby Jenks would strike out Jim Thome looking giving the Sox the 8-6 win, and 9th straight.

It was a team effort for the pitchers that would get the job done for the White Sox tonight.  John Danks went 6 innings giving up 6 runs on 9 hits.  Putz and Thornton would combine for a scoreless 7th inning.  Sergio Santos went 2/3 innings before Bobby Jenks would end the game.

The Sox will go for their 10th straight win tomorrow in Minnesota. 

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