Sox vs. Cubs Recap

The Sox were able to win 2/3 against crosstown rivals Cubs, dropping the first game 6-3 and winning the final 2 with scores of 2-3 and 3-4.

The deepest a starter went in the series was 5.1 innings. Gavin and Peavy went deep into counts and Buehrle exited early due to a 1 hour and 44 minute rain delay in the middle game. Gavin took the loss in the opener after having one of “those” innings; Buehrle was pitching very well before he left and Peavy looked good but noticeably had some cobwebs. The Bullpen was relied upon heavily, and was stellar surrendering 0 earned runs over the 11.1 innings pitched. Sergio Santos earned saves 13 and 14 with 2.1 nasty innings. 

AJ kept his hot hitting alive this series going 5/11 including a pivotal triple and Rios kept up his hot hitting with a .400 average in the series. Konerko went deep twice to tie the consecutive games with a homer mark at 5. Adam Dunn went 0/8 stiking out 5 times and Quentin continued his slow streak going 2/12, Alexei had his worst series in a while going 2/11 but he did score a run each time on base.

2 thoughts on “Sox vs. Cubs Recap

  • June 24, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Being born on the south side & growing up in the south suburbs it was always hard to be a Cub fan. In Chicago there is no middle ground – your are either a Cub or Sox fan – you simply cannot & will not root for both. In fact the typical Chicago baseball fan wants his team to win just as much as he wants the other Chicago team to lose.

    I wasn’t expecting much from the Cubs this season – yet in game 1 they came back from an early deficit to actually win. Feeling good about the Cubs chances to actually win the series I immediately fired off emails to all my Sox fans telling them that the Cubs were indeed the best team in Chicago.

    Obviously by sending that email I jinxed them.

    My apologizes Cubbie fans. I will keep my mouth shut.

  • June 28, 2011 at 1:35 AM

    Agreed, you can only be a north or southsider. There is no gray area here. I must also agree with you in saying, no more jinxing us loyal cubby fans. In the future you should refrain from sending those lovely in your facers until you have it in the bag. I’ve learned to send “GO HAWKS!” Emails/texts. Afterall, everyone in the Chi loves the Hawks! Good luck fellow cubbie fan.

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