Chicago Bulls commentator Stacey King recently announced that he will be promoting his new book entitled, “Mastering the English Language WOOWEE.”

In one chapter entitled “DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO POST VIDEOS TO FACEBOOK?”  King demonstrates his understanding of the rhetorical art used in the English language.  He also discusses how it’s possible to make every players’ name sound awesome.

This year, King’s fans were widely disappointed that King would no longer be requesting hot sauce for Kyle Korver.  King says his requests for hot sauce were repeatedly ignored.  In King’s new book, he admits to feelings of disbelief that even though he was on television commentating for thousands of viewers, his hot sauce requests were constantly disregarded.

Derrick Rose was supposed to have his own foreword in the book.  Unfortunately, Rose was writing on his typewriter when he didn’t even need to be, but Coach Thibs just let Rose keep writing and Rose got a terrible paper cut and was unable to finish what could have been an amazing opening to the book.

The former Chicago Bulls center Stacey King has most recently been praised for his linguistic expertise on the Bulls’ website with a new soundboard featuring such vocal masterpieces as “Luol Deng-erous!”  and “Get on the Booz cruise!”

The book is already receiving praise as being “TOO BIG, TOO FAST, TOO STRONG, TOO GOOD.”

That may be the reason “Mastering the English Language WOOWEE!” by Stacey King costs only a jar of hot sauce.  It is the first book ever in history to only accept hot sauce for purchases instead of currency. 

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