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Losses to the BoSox bookend a brilliant double-header sweep that saw Hendriks and Kopech dominant. TA is back and providing a much needed spark however Abreu has yet to get going. Hot and Cold; Feast or Famine. Nick and Pat are looking for some consistently as the Sox head into CLE.

The Sox come home after an underwhelming trip out West. Defensive issues, injuries, and poor offensive production leave a sour taste. Despite it all, the Sox have plenty to build on as they get ready to take on the AL Central.

Pat and Nick make their predictions for 2021 Sox season. HRs, Gio wins, RBI leader, Rodon innings, Madrigal hits and more. How will the season end for the Sox and how far can they go? What we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Let’s Go Sox!

Pat and Nick talk to brothers Mike and Matt Flesch about their amazing documentary on the 1990 White Sox. and their winning 94 games while playing their last season at Old Comiskey Park. We talk Guillen, Thomas, Thigpen, Kittle, Fisk, and so much more.