The Barbershop is Here!


Houston (houheffna) and E.J. talk about….whatever the heck comes to mind.  Bulls, Sox, Cubs, Bears, and other hot topics in the sportsworld.  Expect a lot of different viewpoints from different guests…and expect to agree and disagree….and learn something along the way.

Episode 1-February 27, 2011

Moments after the Knicks/Heat game we meet in the shop and jabs are thrown from the beginning…we talk Lebron, Bulls, Buerhle and Vick, NBA trade deadline deals and a host of other issues to fuss about.  Please note:  the show was initially named the “Chop Shop”…just recently while discussing the premise of the podcast with E.J., it was decided that the “Barbershop” would be a more accurate title for the show.  So you will hear “Chop Shop” a few times in the first couple of episodes.  Sorry for the confusion…and we promise…you will probably get confused again!  Hopefully, this will be the final change of the name…hopefully…



One thought on “The Barbershop is Here!

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