Facing potential NBA purgatory, which all rests on the health of the Bulls two highest paid players, the Bulls are in a realistic need of some long term help.

It seems like the moment the Sixers series was over, all of the focus went from finding production from the SG and our other big need, to making sure we can survive without Rose. But soon we all forget. In the middle of the last season, the biggest cries were for a better medical and conditioning staff. Something, some kind of upgrade with the medical staff to make sure that we can prolong the careers of our young players, and enhance the output of our older players.

At no point in this offseason, has the team addressed the medical staff issue.  If anything, it has gone publicly ignored.  Whether or not something has happened behind the scenes, is anyone’s best guess.

Some would claim that all of the injuries that occurred in the 2011-12 season can be explained. Either the injury was blamed on the rough schedule, or it was purely a fluke. However, does this mean the Bulls have little or no room to make the changes necessary to improve and reduce future injuries?

It’s not just one season. The Bulls have been running into a higher output of injuries than the league average for the past five seasons.  While the Bulls are not last in the league (Celtics 33, T’Wolves 28, Bucks 26), Chicago still recorded 23 unique injuries in a season where only Carlos Boozer played for the entire 66 game schedule.  The Bulls were ranked 25th in the NBA, for  most injury events (not counting the same injury twice to get an accurate assessment without loading the metric full of injury prone players.)  The Phoenix Suns led the league for the 3rd year in a row, with the Fewest Injury Events, having only 7 unique injuries last year (Pistons 9, Lakers 10, Pacers 11.)

J.J. Barea accounted for 6 unique injuries, leading the league and bumping up the T’Wolves total. But Derrick Rose accounted for 5 unique injuries of his own.  C.J. Watson had 4, leaving 14 more for the rest of the team (Deng 3, Hamilton 2, Gibson 2, Noah 2, Brewer 1, Korver 1,  Asik 1, Lucas 1.)

I plead with the front office to adjust and add something to the staff so we can be better prepared in the future. Adding all of the big names in the world will do us no good, if we can’t have them healthy throughout the season and in the playoffs. The best short and long-term upgrade for this team, lies within the training staff and medical team.

I am honestly sick of this image by now, and fans should be outraged.


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  1. We gotta find somebody to step in for Derrick Rose because we wont have a point guard for a couple days and everyone knows that the team can not go very long with out him he is really important to the team

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