The Clock Should Be Ticking For GM Hendry

It is time for Hendry to prove that he can build the Cubs into a playoff contender, and quickly. Jim Hendry has worked with the Cubs since 1995 and took over as GM in 2002. Under Hendry, the Cubs have made three playoff appearances, all as NL Central Division Champions(’03,’07′,’08). However, the Cubs have just won one playoff series under Hendry.

Jim Hendry has definitely had his shares of ups and downs in his 9 years as Cubs GM. In 2003, the Cubs reached the NLCS and fell one win short of a birth into the World Series. Everything seemed positive for the Cubs at the time and their future. Unfortunately their success did not last long after 2003. Cubs young starters, Wood and Prior, both suffered injuries and could not stay off the DL. Also, Cubs slugger, Sammy Sosa was plagued by injuries and a corked bat scandal.

Between 2003 and 2007, Hendry was responsible for the trades acquiring Derrek Lee and Nomar Garciaparra. Derrek Lee turned out to be a great trade for the Cubs. Lee produced well for the Cubs until being traded to the Braves in 2010. Unfortunately, Superstar Nomar Garciaparra was also plagued by injuries and did not last long as a Cub.

Also Hendry was responsible for acquiring current Cubs third basemen Aramis Ramirez.

In 2007 after naming Lou Piniella manager, Hendry made a huge signing of Alfonso Soriano. The slugger was given an 8 year 136million dollar deal with the Cubbies. Yet again the signing has not lived up to the money, as Soriano has struggled in his 5 year stay in Chicago so far.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistake of Hendry is his willingness to give no-trade clauses. The Cubs could easily trade Aramis Ramirez for a good prospect right now, but he refuses to give up his no trade clause.

After 9 years as GM, Jim Hendry needs to pull of some good trades or signings this month or this off-season or else he should have to find another job.

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6 thoughts on “The Clock Should Be Ticking For GM Hendry

  • July 24, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    The Chicago Cubs should NOT trade Aramis Ramirez. Do you know how hard 3rd Basemen are to come by in today’s game? He is the hottest hitter in baseball for the last 2 months. Look at his slugging percentage, RBIs, & HRs. Yeah he got off to a slow start but he is the Cubs best hitter at the moment, and most consistent.

    For example, if the Cubs go out and sign Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols (like rumors say), and on top of that trade Aramis Ramirez this year they will have no protection for Fielder or Pujols. You take away the RBI threat and make the Cubs just as vulnerable. If Hendry trades Aramis Ramirez get ready to say hello to Adrian Gonzalez 2.0 on the Padres.

  • July 24, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    I do like Aramis and if it’s possible I would love to have him around the rest of this year and next year. However, I think we can agree on the fact that the Cubs would be better of with Fielder or Pujols and no Ramirez. But right now the Cubs might not bring Aram back. So it would be good for the Cubs if they coud trade him and get a pitching prospect who is almost ready. The Cubs pitching in the minors is not very good.

  • July 25, 2011 at 2:00 AM

    That is where you are wrong. Adrian Gonzalez had no RBI or power support back in his Padres run. Bring Pujols or Fielder here without Aramis is just as bad. Pujols has Holliday, Berkman, and on a good day Rasmus. Fielder has Braun, Hart, and Weeks. Those players all offer protection to their 5 Star player (Pujols & Fielder).

    If the Cubs bring Pujols or Fielder to Chicago they NEED Aramis in that lineup to establish protection and stability. No one else on this team can bring about that stability.

    To say they might not bring Aramis back is an understatement. He has been the best run producer for the Cubs over the past few years. He is a top 3rd baseman in the majors. He is one of the hottest (if not the hottest) hitters in all of baseball. It would be absurd to trade him away or not bring him back.

    The Cubs may not have the greatest minor league pitchers, but they also don’t have the greatest 3rd basemen in the minors either. The Cubs can acquire pitchers by trading other people too: Zambrano, Soriano, Johnson, Soto, Grabow, Fukudome, Byrd.

  • July 25, 2011 at 10:52 AM

    If you would rather have Ramirez than Fielder of Pujols than I dont know what to tell you. If they would sign Pujols or Fielder they could be placed 4th in the order or maybe third. Then they could have Castro or Jackson in front of them.

    You can not possibly tell me that you would rather have a 34 year old Ramirez than a 29 year old Fielder.

    And I understand third basemen are hard to come by but the Cubs still have hopes for Vitters and Flahtery can fill in at third.

  • July 25, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    You are missing the point that I am making. I am not saying I would rather have Ramirez over Pujols or Fielder. I am saying the Cubs need Ramirez if they go out and get Pujols or Fielder mainly for stability and protection. Just look at Adrian Gonzalez while he played in San Diego, it is a perfect example. If the Cubs have no power in front of Pujols or Fielder the opposing pitchers will give them dirt pitches out of the zone. Castro cannot provide that power or stability. He is young and still a few years away from developing his 20-20 or even 25-25 season. Right now he is a lead-off hitter, not a power hitter. I assume you are referring to Brett Jackson. The Cubs cannot rely on a prospect to provide that stability and power for Pujols or Fielder, especially in his first 2-3 years. If you think that then I don’t know what to tell you.

    The Cubs have hopes for everyone in their system as they should because they brought them to their system for a reason. However, Vitters has done nothing in the minors to prove himself to be a valuable asset to the Cubs in the Major League level. Same goes for Flahtery.

    If the Cubs plan on bringing Pujols or Fielder to their city and not bring back Ramirez then they are making a mistake. No sense in throwing an insane amount of money if you cannot back that player up.

    Aramis Ramirez may be going into his middle 30s, but he is still a top RBI producer in baseball, and the best RBI producer for the Cubs. You cannot throw that away. I am not sure if you heard, but the Cubs have already began to talk to Ramirez about a possible one, or even two year extension.

  • July 26, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    Good they should bring him back because if Fielder or Pujols don’t sign here, we are screwed. It really helps if Aram stays because Cubs have to be an appealing team to sign with. Fielder could be batting in behind Castro and Aram.

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