The Rival’s Eye View: Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears Predictions

As some of you readers know I’ve spent a good amount of time covering the White Sox. It’s time to trade in my bat and, glove for a football and goal post. As a Packers fan I will be giving a rivals’ view on the Bears and anything else football related this year.  Since the season is just about a month away I will be giving my final record predictions for both teams.

9/12/10: Lions @ Bears- The Chicago Bears will start the season against the Detroit Lions Week 1 this year.  Yes, the Lions are much improved and have many great weapons such as Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson, but I believe they are still at least one more off-season away from making any noise and the Bears take the opener 27-10

Packers @ Eagles- The main reason the Packers couldn’t get passed the Cardinals in the playoffs was the play of the offensive line.  The packers went out and got Buluga from the University of Iowa and he will make this offensive line a lot better and will help protect QB Aaron Rodgers.  Philly is a hard place to play but with the loss of QB Donovan McNabb and RB Brian Westbrook, I look for the Packers to take the opener 24-14.

9/19/10: Bears @ Cowboys- The Bears will be brought back to reality as they take on Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas.  A huge concern for the Bears this season will be the secondary and right now I am on the Romo-Dez Bryant bandwagon and I look for that combo to rip up the Bears young secondary.  Secret weapon Felix Jones will carry for over 100 yards when the Bears focus is on Bryant and the Cowboys will win 38-7.

Bills @ Packers- After a big win in Philly on opening day I expect the Packers to come back even stronger against the Buffalo Bills.  Rodgers and Jennings will just be too much for the Bills in the second half giving the Packers a 31-17 win.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL 9/27/10: Packers @ Bears- This is a game where whoever the better team is, doesn’t really matter.  It is one of the hardest games to predict just because these teams do not like each other.  Another huge concern for the Bears this year is the WR core.  With a healthy Al Harris and a hungry Charles Woodson, Jay Cutler will not get the throws he wants giving the Packers a 17-10 win.

10/3/10: Bears @ Giants- I am not so confident in the Bears ability to win games on the road this year but this is a game that I believe the Bears will win.  It will be a defensive game in the first half but the Bears will pull away in the second half picking up the 24-10 win.

Lions @ Packers- There isn’t really that much I can say about this game except for, haha.  The Lions will once again be one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Packers have been predicted by many, like myself, to win the Super Bowl.  The game will get so ugly that Aaron Rodgers most likely wont play in the 4th quarter as the Packers beat the Lions 45-13.

10/10/10 Bears @ Panthers: The Panthers are one of the hardest teams to figure out this year.  They could be really good and surprise everyone or suck and it wouldn’t be a huge shock.  There will be games where the Panthers play better then they are and this will be one of them.  The Panthers just squeak by the Bears with a  21-14 win.

Packers@ Redskins- Every year it seems the Redskins are the off-season champions but it never translates to the actual games. Will it be any different this year? Probably not, but McNabb will lead the Redskins over the Packers, giving Green Bay their first loss of the season.

10/17/10 Seahawks @ Bears- The Seahawks are in a somewhat rebuilding stage under 1st year coach Pete Carroll.  The Seahawks might have been the winners of the 2010 draft but it will not be good enough to beat the Bears, as Chicago will go on for the easy 21-3 win.

Dolphins @ Packers- Coming off their first loss of the season I look for the Packers to take out all of their frustration on Miami.  A Florida team in freezing weather is also not a good combo, which will help lead the Packers to a 31-7 win.

10/27/10 Redskins @ Bears- The Redskins will be a little over confident after handing the Packers their first loss of the season, and everything will just click for the Bears.  Matt Forte will torch the ‘Skins for 115 yards giving Chicago a 28-0 win.

Vikings @ Packers- The Packers are 0-2 against their former hero Brett Favre and this will finally be the game they beat him, if he plays.  If  Brett plays I look for a close game but the momentum will be high in Lambeau.  Brett will try to force a lot of passes to Sidney Rice and the Brett of old will come out as the Packers defense leads them to a 17-7 win.

10/31/10 BEARS OFF

Packers @ Jets- On paper the Jets are one of the top teams in the AFC.  Led by second year QB mark Sanchez, the meadow lands will be rocking’ as the Jets surprise the Packers with a 34-10 win.

11/7/10 Bears @ Bills- This game will be played in Toronto, Canada.  Jay Cutler will not beable to have two terrific games and Matt Forte will just not have it as the Bills squeeze out the 17-13 win.

Cowboys @ Packers- The Packers will face another vet good opponent week 9 of the season in the Dallas Cowboys. In the cold weather of the frozen tundra I look for the long haired freaks, Clay Matthews III and AJ Hawk to create hell for Tony Romo with constant pressure.  The pressure by the LB’s will force Jay Cutler likes passes leading to a multi interception game by Charles Woodson.  The Packers beat Dallas 24-10.

11/14/10 Vikings @ Bears- If Favre plays the Vikings win, if Favre doesn’t play the Bears win.  I fully expect Brett Favre to play this season and the Favre-Rice connection will be too much for the Bears.  Vikings win 27-17.

Packers OFF

11/18/10 (Thursday Night) Bears @ Dolphins- It is ery rare that the Dolphins get a prime time game and I expect for them to take full advantage of it.  I don’t think the Dolphins are a threat to compete this year, but in a game like this juices are flowing’ and that will be to much for the Bears to overcome.

11/21/10 Packers @Vikings- Favre or No Favre the Packers are not winning this game.  I do believe that the Packers will be in the Super Bowl this year but the young offensive line of the Packers will get shaken in the dome giving the Vikings a 31-10 win.

11/28/10 Bears @ Eagles- Like I said earlier with the Packers-Eagles match up, the Eagles are rebuilding and the rowdy crowd at Soldier Field will be just too much for the young Kevin Kolb.

Packers @ Falcons- Matt Ryan is one of the best young QB’s in the NFL and no matter who he is matched up against he will produce.  Ryan will be pressured quite often but the combo between him and White will just be to much for the Packers as Atlanta takes a close one, 24-17.

12/5/10 Bears @ Lions- So far at this point the Bears have had a decent season but this might be where they trip up.  At Detroit is always a trap game and a frustrated Calvin Johnson will take out all that anger on a  banged up Bears secondary.  After this game is when Bears fans will start calling for Lovie’s firing.

49ers @ Packers: The 9ers are no easy team, and are projected by many to win the west but Aaron Rodgers won’t allow his team to drop 3 straight as the Packers pound San Fransisco 31-7.

12/12/10 Patriots @ Bears: The troubles for the Bears will keep on coming as the New England patriots come to town.  Young LB Jerrod Mayo will be hunting for Bears, species, the Cutler. Mayo can create havoc for any team and he will continue that trend this game.

Packers @ Lions- The Packers fresh off their pounding of San Fran will be out Lion hunting in Detroit as Matt Stafford will have no answer for the Packers swarming defense.

12/20/10 (Monday Night Football) Bears @ Vikings- Look for the Bears free fall to continue as the Vikings welcome the Bears to town.  A pumped up Minny crowd might be one of the hardest places to play, especially on a Monday night.  Vikings 34 Bears 7.

Packers @ Patriots- Tom Brady, enough said.  One of the best QB’s in the NFL will just be too much for the Packers to overcome.

12/26/10 Jets @ Bears- Once again the schedule does not favor the Bears as one of the NFL’s best, the New York Jets, come to town and silence the Chicago crowd, beating up on the Bears, 31-10.

Giants @ Packers: In 2007 the Giants beat the Packers in the NFC Championship in Lambeau ending Brett Favre’s Packers career.  There is no doubt in my mind that the remaining Packers players from that team will not forget that game and will have extra motivation giving the Packers a 38-13 win.

WEEK 17 BEARS @ PACKERS- This is the last game of the season and the two teams are very different at this point.  The Bears are going down, and fast and are fighting for nothing.  The packers however will be fighting for a division championship with the Minnesota Vikings.  The combination of Home field advantage and fighting for the division will overwhelm the Bears as the Packers win, 31-10.

Final Record Predictions:

Bears: 5-11

Packers: 11-5

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  • August 7, 2010 at 1:58 AM

    Should be “PAST”, not passed.

    Packers @ Eagles- The main reason the Packers couldn’t get passed the Cardinals in the playoffs….

    I tried to contact you and not put this tip on the comment section, but can’t find a contact info, sorry.

  • August 27, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    After the drubbing the Packers gave the Colts last night, it looks like it is going to be very difficult to stop the Pack! Hopefully Rodgers will be better protected this year.

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