The Waiver Wire and More Ryan Dempster


Let’s try to make this the final Ryan Dempster post until the off-season. As when the off-season hits, we know we’re going to hear “will Ryan Dempster return to Chicago?”. Dempster said “Chicago has always been my kind of town” and that’s saying there is a possibility Dempster could return after the season. I doubt the the Texas Rangers will offer compensation to Dempster, since it’s has to be in the 13-13.5 million range. Dempster would probably accept it as he won’t get that much in free agency.

Dempster may regret the decision to decline a trade to the Atlanta Braves after he game up 8 runs for the Rangers yesterday. Dempster did not give up more than 7 runs in all of June and July. The Cubs and Dempster would have been happy. However, one of the players the Cubs got for Dempster, Christian Villanueva hit 2 home runs in his first 2 at-bats in his Cubs debut.

Dempster put out a full page article in the Chicago Tribune and you can see it here

Okay, that is all of Dempster for now… Here’s news on the waiver period:

Usually every player go on waivers to see if a team claims them, does not get blocked and see if they can slip through waivers.

The Cubs will try and put Matt Garza, Brian LaHair Jeff Baker on waivers and hope they go unclaimed or a team wins the waiver that actually want hm. However, since these 3 players are cheap, a team will likely block the waiver and the Cubs won’t be able to deal them.

There are 2 Cubs that will probably go un-claimed in waivers. Since there contract is too big and if a team claims them, they will have to pay the whole contract.

Alfonso Soriano: The Detroit Tigers were reportedly working on a deal for Soriano, but both teams could not reach a deal. Soriano gave the Cubs a list of teams who he would accept a trade too. To me, since both teams were working on a deal together, he would accept a trade to the Tigers. He would have also accept a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but that went out the door when the Dodgers acquired OF Shane Victorino. Also, Soriano reportedly rejected a trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants.

Carlos Marmol: He is owe too much money and a team will not take that on. He is owe 12.4 million and is a free agent after next season. He has not blown a save in a while and I think a team will take a chance on him if money is coming their way. One team that may want to take a chance on Marmol is the Giants. The Giants need bullpen help and he will help them out.

Jed Hoyer said “we will continue to be active in August”. So, I guess we will find out if they’re active or not.

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