What’s the best way to start off your Thursday? Find out that your team’s starting quarterback is dating a “kinda” reality star. There were rumors floating around that Kristin Cavallari from Laguna Beach was dating OUR QB Jay Cutler.

Suspicions were high when Cavallari was spotted in a Chicago Bears hat. Many doubted though….”Well she could be banging Brad Maynard” and “Well she could be banging Hunter Hillenme…wait, what? He’s gay?

TMZ has confirmed it via this very cute picture. Kristin’s dreamy Bear is ….well….our dreamy Bear…Jay Cutler. I bet he took her out to PF Changs later on. He definitely got a handy.

I would say it’s quite the step up from that Stephen douche. Not that I watched Laguna Beach back in the day or anything.

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