UFC Live Blog: Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos, World Heavyweight Championship on FOX

cain velasquez vs junior dos santos heavyweight championship UFC FOX

The debut of the UFC on FOX in Anaheim, California is about to go down. ChiCitySports will be live blogging the UFC Heavyweight bout as we watch it live on FOX. If you’re seeing this on the site, tune in! The event is free and is the first of many events to be broadcasted on the FOX networks.

Leave comments with your own thoughts on the fight.

  • Hearing the Fox NFL Sunday music playing on a Saturday night brings a smile to my face. We’re minutes away from the fighters’ entrances!
  • Brock Lesnar is commentating along with Dana White and Curt Menefee. Lesnar has mentioned several times he is rooting for current champion Cain Velasquez. He wants him to win so he can win a re-match with him. Of course this means Lesnar is claiming he already anticipates to defeat Alistair Overeem on December 30th at UFC 141.
  • Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg will be calling the match. Awesome to hear Rogan’s voice especially considering the event is free. You “should” have to pay to hear that man’s voice.
  • The striking ability of Junior Dos Santos will definitely win some fans over if this is their first time tuning into a UFC fight.
  • UFC is really trying to win over the Latino demographic. Seems as if every other sentence is about their upbringing and how they were raised.
  • Dos Santos is currently on a 8 fight win streak.
  • Cain Velasquez’s entrance music is Mariachi music. Definitely a little less intimidating than a bearded Brock Lesnar entering to a Metallica song.
  • The prep point before fighters enter the ring is sponsored by the United States Marines. Fox really knows how to sell that advertising. I should take some pointers.
  • 1 minute away from the title fight, pretty crazy that this is about to go down on cable for free.
  • Michael Buffer’s enthusiasm always gets me a little pumped.
  • Cain Velasquez looks like one scary mofo.
  • Dos Santos with a huge shot and gets Velasquez down….umm…..that was quick.
  • Very disappointed with the fight, this was hyped for months and it’s over in 1 minute. “SMH” doesn’t begin to capture how I feel right now. Didn’t even have time to get settled into the recliner!
  • I got to live blog the event for a total of 15 minutes, that was easy.
  • Kim Kardashians’ marriage lasted longer than that fight.

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