What are the Bulls?

Nate Robinson celebrates with Kirk Hinrich during the Bulls 96-89 victory over the Miami Heat (Getty Images)

This week, the Chicago Bulls lost by double digits to the Charlotte Bobcats. They also won against the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat. Even though the Bulls won by only seven (96-89), they out-rebounded Miami 48-28. This last week of basketball by the Bulls is an accurate nutshell of the season so far. They do sit in first place in the Central Division and fourth in the Eastern Conference. So that raises the question, “What are the Bulls?”

The Bulls have a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way through, or someone would think. If the Bulls could finally decide not to play at the level of their opponents, they may not only be able to ride the ship until he returns, but they also may be able to give themselves a more favorable seed going into the playoffs. Many figure that Derrick Rose will not play until March. If the Bulls can be a top-three seed going into the playoffs, they may be able to make a title run in the spring if Rose returns.

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