Winners of the ChiCitySports “Ultimate Bears Fan Contest”

Now for the news that all of you have been waiting for, the announcement of the Ultimate Bears fans! This contest was a widespread contest to find who some of the biggest Bear fans were on the internet. Many applied from all verses of this giant series of tubes.

Many applicants from resideds from our own very own Chicago Bears Message Board, which if you aren’t a member of…you should join and post with us!

Not to drag this out any longer, let’s get to gettin’. It’s hard to judge WHO is the ultimate Bears fan because Bears nation is filled with them! Many fans posted great comments as to why they were the ultimate fan. We selected 3 entrants who post on our Bears Message Board that had entered, 5 entrants who had great reasoning/evidence, and 2 entrants 100% at random.

Of 10 people, we wrote each name onto a piece of paper and pulled them a hat (A Bears hat). The 1st would be the winner of the jersey, 2nd winner of the T-Shirt from ChitownClothing.Com, 3rd winner of the Poster from LikeFree.Org, 4th & 5th would be the winners of the bumper stickers, 6th, 7th, and 8th would be the winners of the “Da Bears Book”. And the 9th and 10th would be the winners of a full donator membership on our Message boards.
  1. Winner of the Chicago Bears Jersey – Jim B. 
  2. Winner of the Chicago Bears T-Shirt – Adam Dyson (Forum Name: X-Factor) 
  3. Winner of the Chicago Bears Poster – Jysen (Forum Name: Jysen) 
  4. Winner of the Chicago Bears Bumper Sticker – Adam Lewis
  5. Winner of the Chicago Bears Bumper Sticker – P.J
  6. Winner of the DA Bears Book – Paul Boehme
  7. Winner of the DA Bears Book – Tadd Marcum (Forum Name: 85Bears4Life)
  8. Winner of the DA Bears Book – Tom Humphrey
  9. Winner of ChiCitySports Forum Donator Status – Evy 
  10. Winner of the ChiCitySports Forum Donator Status – Glenn Timmermann
Congratulations to all of the winners. To claim your prize, please use the contact tab on the top of the page to email us your shipping information! Please email from the email you signed up to the contest with. 
ChiCitySports routinely does generous giveaways for our fans. Please check back on the home page for many more to come in the future! Also be sure you check out ChitownClothing.Com and LikeFree.Org who provided prizes for the contest. Hats off to them!

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