New Era Baseball Giveaway, Chicago Cubs & White Sox Gear! Reviewed by Momizat on . We're excited to announce our next giveaway! We'll be giving away some awesome Chicago Cubs & White Sox hats along with shirts. New Era was kind enough to p We're excited to announce our next giveaway! We'll be giving away some awesome Chicago Cubs & White Sox hats along with shirts. New Era was kind enough to p Rating:
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New Era Baseball Giveaway, Chicago Cubs & White Sox Gear!

New Era Baseball Giveaway, Chicago Cubs & White Sox Gear!

We’re excited to announce our next giveaway! We’ll be giving away some awesome Chicago Cubs & White Sox hats along with shirts. New Era was kind enough to provide plenty to go around for the giveaway. We have New Era T-Shirts, along with team hats. One of the styles of hat is a flat brim, and the other is the normal baseball brim. I know what you’re thinking…how can I win this awesome stuff? It’s easy.

All you have to do to enter to win, is tell us why you’re a Cubs/White Sox fan in the Comments section below. All entries must be in by Wednesday, June 20th. 

There will be 3 levels of winners…

Tier 1

1.) 1 T-Shirt, 1 Fitted Flat Brim Hat, 1 Stretch Fit Hat, 1 Donator Membership to the ChiCitySports Message Board.

Tier 2

1.) 1 Fitted Flat Brim Hat, 1 Stretch Fit Hat

Tier 3

1.) 1 Hat of your Choice.


We will be selecting a BUNCH of winners. We have plenty to go around so let us know who you’re a fan of between the two teams and why they have your allegiance! LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TO ENTER. 


While we have your attention, please take a minute and swing by our Message Boards to discuss Chicago Sports with many other fans. 

About The Author

Keegan Rush

Been following Chicago sports for many years. I have ties to Rockford, Illinois however have since been displaced in North Carolina far from Illinois. I am still an avid fan despite the geographical complications in following my teams. I am known as the internet’s #1 Rex Grossman connoisseur

Number of Entries : 746

Comments (109)

  • Nick Fisch

    I was Cub fan first, and I support that team til the day I die. I became a White Sox fan over the past few years (2009 Buehrle perfect game) because I think its just silly to hate a team from Chicago. Lets save our hatred for those cheeseheads :D

  • Jackson Scofield

    Cubs fan and White Sox fan, but mostly Cubs fan. Can I win twice?

  • Brett05

    Family legacy. Grandfather, father, and me

  • Jackson Scofield

    Forgot to say why, Cubs fan because my family was and now I’m hooked. Castro is a boss.

  • Sammi

    I’m a Northsider! The fun happens at Wrigley..

  • Mark Neuzil

    I have been a Chicago Sports fan since I was old enough to follow sports. I can remember sitting threw several summers listening to WGN and CSN cover all of the the Cubs games. I’ve sat threw the hard times and will continue to do so.

  • Chris

    White Sox fan. Fell in love with them back when The Big Hurt came into the league! Go Sox!

  • Craig Culp

    Been Cubs fan since day i could pick up a baseball. I follow them even through the hard times.

  • Tom

    I am a Cubs fan. As I was growing up and learning baseball I was captivated by the 2003 World Series run (I was a late bloomer for baseball). That is the initial reason. Later as I learned the history of the club I liked them even more. Not only did I admire the fans for fighting through tough times but the history is rich even without the winning. The West Side Grounds, in fact, are my wallpaper. For now we wait for Theo to rebuild this team with people like Almora, and can’t wait for the biggest party in sports when we finally win it. Go Cubbies!

  • Juan

    I live on the Southside. It runs in the family. Sox Pride.

  • Paul Brobst

    I am a Cubs fan because I live in Chicago and my whole family is full of Cubs fans and I was raised one since I was young and I love the Cubs. Go Cubs Go!

  • TheChicagoFan

    I was born a Sox fan. My dad and grandpa are/were huge fans. First game was as a baby. I’ve watched them be good, bad, and really bad. I’m always there for them no matter how much I want to kill Gavin Floyd for his inconsistency. I’m a south sider through and through. Sox pride.

  • Rice Cube

    I’m a California transplant and became a Cubs fan thanks to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. I still firmly believe that Sosa should be celebrated as a Cubs great, steroids and all.


    CUBS!!! The first ever baseball game I watched was Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game. I was 10 years old, and I instantly fell in love with the Cubs. I used to also root for the White Sox, but that all changed around 2005 when I actually met Sox fans and learned how anti-Cub they are, and how they care more about the Cubs losing than they do about their team winning. They’re Cubs haters who need a team to root for. Further ties to the Cubs include my birthday being Ron Santo’s MLB debut, and delivering a pizza to Tom Ricketts.

  • larry

    people got a lot to say negative about theo, but this year isnt what he was brought here for, his job begins now, go get soler!

  • Garrett

    Because there’s only one baseball team in Chicago and it resides on the north side. I’d rather wait 100+ years to win a World Series than cheer for a team that threw one.


    Another tie when I was at UIC, I lived on the West Campus one year, where the Cubs played before moving to Wrigley

  • Chad Fellerrs

    Because I will attend the shit out of Sox/Cubs games wearing this stuff.

  • shea nanos

    WHITE SOX!!!!!!! I thought that the cubs were a minor league team. Family long White Sox fans

  • Sean B

    I’m a big Cubs fan and have been my entire life. My dad and my uncle used to and still do take me to a lot of Cubs games and I got to watch Sammy Sosa mash home runs and see the Cubs contend for once. I’ve even seen an early career Carlos Zambrano pitch at Wrigley. I will love the Cubs till the day I die and hopefully by then they will have win a World Series or 2

  • Dieter Ronak

    I’m a White Sox fan, even though I live in the North Side. When I started watching baseball in the early 2000s, I loved the way the White Sox played the game. Plus, I wanted to be different than all the boring Cubs fans.

  • Chris Jelinek

    I’ve been a Cubs fan since I was born. Instead of watching cartoons and disney movies like most kids, I was always watching Cubs baseball. I loved listening to Chip Carry everyday and watching Sammy blast home runs to Waveland. I’ve always been a die hard fan and defend my team no matter what. I have enjoyed keeping close tabs on the Cubs and writing about them for this great website!

  • Andrew Galvez

    It’s the in the family! From generation to generation. North-sider since I came out of the womb. Wrigley Field also has one of the best ball parks in the game. It’s a classic and has a lot of history to it!

  • Matthew Wells

    Born and raised a diehard Sox fan by a Sox fan father! 2005 was the best year of my entire life, it was so sweet to see the Good Guys win after all those unfortunate years! Paul Konerko is my all time favorite player, and Nellie Fox/Frank Thomas are a close second!

  • Justin Borgmann

    Cubs have been a family tradition. Been following since I was 6.

  • Florent

    I love the white sox. I live in PARIS and watch all the games online. I goto school in the united states and would love to get some GEAR !!

  • Amaury Martinez

    Win or lose cubs fans stick to their team. It’s more than a team, it’s a cubs family. Wrigley is always packed even when the team is terrible. Go cubs go! Believe! I’m ready to party like its 1908!

  • Mark Caz

    Went to a game at Comiskey as a kid, while on vacation in NY. Frank Thomas and Ventura went back-to-back. I was hooked ever since.

    And it’s been rough being a ChiSox fan in NY!


    I’m a CUBS fan because its time to WIN!!! Been a cubs fan all my life, I’m only 16 and I live for the Cubbies! Since the day I was born, Raised on the north side, CUBS ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Dijonee

    A fan of the Sox from the day I was born literally had a game on during my birth lol. LETS GO TEAM!!!!

  • Jordan

    I’m a huge white sox fan. I bleed black and white. Every since I got into baseball, I have always loved the white sox. From watching the big hurt era to when we got paulie all the way up until the world series. I will never forget the moment when we won the 2005 world series. Seems like it was just yesterday. My brother is a sox fan also and that made it even better to be a sox. Every season that comes around. Got to have the tradition a polish with onions and mustard. And no ketchup. I take a sox game day by day wanting them to do the best they can and if they fall. I stick with them through the good and bad.

  • Juan lopez

    I’m 19 and live in the south suburbs of Chicago, I have been a sox fan my whole life! It has brought so many memory’s from views from all over the stadium, memories I’ll never forget with family and friends. I drop everything every year for opening day for the past 8 years and plan to keep it up I’ve already gone to 6 sox games this year and plan on even more some of my best memories were going on my golden birthday and getting a jersey with my name and 17 for July 17 by bday and I wear that to every game also when I went to the game to see who makes playoffs vs the twins in the tiebreaker i also got my first tattoo and it’s somthing I’m proud of being and it’s a sox logo because I’m a sox fan for life!!

  • Kerry

    Why am I a White Sox fan you ask? Tradition. The White Sox have always been a tradition in my family. We follow them win or lose, rain or shine. Passion. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my favorite team win. I will never forget the World Series Title in 2005. Being 14 years old covered in tears was one of my favorite moments of my life. Appreciation. Watching players start in the minor leagues and work their way up is absolutely amazing to follow. Our home grown players are usually my favorite, just because of their many years with the team. Love. Other than family and friends, I love nothing as much as I love the White Sox. You ask me why I am a Sox fan? Good guys wear black. Appreciate the game!

  • Chris Awkerman

    I bleed cubbie blue! I’ve gone to opening day every year since I was 6 with my grandparents, except the 2 years I was deployed over seas. Although this year has been tough, I still haven’t missed a game: watching/being at/or listening to on the radio. My family gives me a hard time and says I could go 2 weeks without wearing the same cubs shirt or jersey. They call it my summer wardrobe.

  • Sabrina

    I am a huge fan of the White Sox because I’m from the South Side and I rep them all the way; they are a great team!

  • Eric

    go cubs go! ’nuff said.

  • Chris

    I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs. I am just a fan of Chicago. I love the tradition of the Cubs, and also the minor league affiliate of the Cubs is located very close to me.

  • Patrick Howard

    I’m a White Sox fan because good guys wear black!

  • floddy

    i love the southsiders because they play baseball the way it should be played.. ive been a fan since i was 5 years old.. then once bo jackson became a member of the team.. i was hooked for life

  • Paul

    I am a natural born South-Sider. I moved from the South to the North Side in 76. But when I was only 8 years old. A School Bus would pick up kids and take them to Baptist Church in Indiana. Every Sunday we passed the Old Comiskey Park. It just reminded me of a huge White Castle like White Castles hamburgers. I first attended a Cubs game. But 1990 I made 3 games before Comiskey got torn down. I just love The Sox and their history, and everything the team has had to overcome.

  • Greg Vandeventer

    Cubs fan since birth which is 47 years tomorrow . I live and die with the Cubs and pray Theo and co. Deliver us a world series champion before I die.

  • Rolando Ayala

    I Rolando do not care if the CUBS win just one game throughout the FUCKEN entire season, as for I AM and ALWAYS will be a DIE HARD CUBS FAN !! GO CUBBIES !!

  • Denise C.

    Born & raised a Cubs fan. I didn’t even know there was another baseball team in Chicago until I was older. It still didn’t sway me. I can run circles around alot of male sports fans, especially at baseball. I live and breathe the sport. Cubbie Blue will always be my color of choice!

  • Ilija Wolinski

    I have been a Cubs fan for as long as I can remember. My family is from Chicago originally, and they brought their love for Chicago sports with them to Arizona when they moved here. I was born into a house full of Cubs fans, and all I knew from the very beginning was to wear and bleed Cubbie Blue. It is easy to look at the White Sox and see their recent World Series as a reason to switch allegiances, but I think part of being a Cubs fan is staying loyal and keep believing that World Series will be coming to Wrigley hopefully sometime in the near future. :) I will always be a Cubs fan…all the way to the bitter end.

  • Nick DeVera

    Polish, love Chicago and love the underdog. Sox <3

  • Jonah Halpern

    I’ve been a cubs fan ever since i was born, their tradition and culture is like nothing else. Wrigley field is amazing and is for sure the best field in all of Baseball. I bleed cubbie blue and watch every game from start to end. Go cubs go!

  • Chris

    Born a Cubs fan, will always be a Cubs fan.

  • Chris Schackmann

    I am a Cubs fan because when my grandparents moved to this country they became Cubs fans, and my father is a Cubs fan, and my mother is a Cubs fan, and I’m a third generation Cubs fan. My father nearly named me Ryne, and in my mind there is no other team; Go Cubs Go!

  • Leo Villegas

    I became a Sox fan by default back in 88. Evwryone i knew was a Cubs fan. Held steady and always loved Chicago but my friends disgraceful and comments towards the Sox made me one sided. I hope the best for the Cubs but my heart lies on the southside. Karma is a bit$4

  • Joey Munao

    Soxs fan! My dads side was always southside fans, and my moms preffered the cubs. When I was growing up my dad got me into baseball and we watched every sox game! From konerko to dunn, my favorite list of players just goes on and on. The white sox specifically have my allegiance because of the hope and pride they gave me in 2006 when they won it all! Oh, and they actually have a chance of going back, unlike the cubs..SOX ALL THE WAY! No matter wins or losses ill always be a sox fan

  • Kari Pitstick

    My family and friends are all amazed at how big of a White Sox fan I am. I know all of players/positions/pitching rotation, etc. and don’t miss a game. I plan my days around games to make sure I’m always home to watch. If there’s a rare occasion where I can’t watch, I’m on my phone checking updates constantly. I have 10+ Sox shirts, in addition to backpacks, bracelets, posters, pennants, plaques, autographed merchandise, and a ton more. I’m always disappointed on off days and on the off season because I don’t have a game to look forward to watch. I even bought my dog a White Sox collar. I believe you have to represent things that you love…and there’s nothing I love to represent more than my South Side pride.

  • Bobby Mengler

    My family and I are fans of both teams as we are just die hard Chicago fans. Go Cubs & Go Sox! #ChiTownPride

  • Adam Dyson

    Love me some Cubbies! That white hat is sharp!

  • Mike Bradberry

    So i heard the cubs went on a…what…2 game win streak? That’s fancy cooking for them. And where are the sox? Oh 1st place? :D

  • robert Bernstein

    Well since were all Chicago sports fans I’m all cubs.. I’m a third generation and I couldn’t be prouder. people say what they want but when that day comes you know Chicago is gonna blow up of celebration and then I can sincerely die happy my dad and I live in Michigan now and watch the cubs every chance we get too I’d like to get him a shirt and hat for fathers day he’d be the happiest dude in the world. Thanks ! Hope I win for myself and dad!

  • Dan

    I have been a White Sox fan my whole life. I went to my first Sox game as a little kid and I’ve fallen in love with it. I watch every game and I stayed up all night when I watched Game 3 of the World series in ’05! I even made a White Sox Facebook page! I’m a huge Sox fan and I deserve the White Sox gear!

  • Dave

    Well … you could give the Tier 1 prize to one of these other people. Or, you could award it to a guy who turned down tickets to a 2008 White Sox playoff game. Why? Because he attended one playoff game back in 2005. The only game the White Sox lost in the postseason that year. Because of this obvious jinx, he sacrificed his enjoyment of another postseason game in order to allow the White Sox a chance to win. And they did. You’re welcome.

  • Walker Ritchie

    I have been a Cubs fan since the day I was born. Even though I live in the Bay Area and take so much crap from everyone, nothing can stop my love for the Cubs. My mom’s entire family is from Chicago and they’re all sox fans. Even they couldn’t change my lifelong love for the Cubs. I guarantee to my friends at school every single day that this is the year for the Cubs to win it. I know it might not be the oldest entrance in this contest but I really think that I should win. I will always and forever bleed Cubbie blue. GO CUBS.

  • paul pope

    I just love the game of baseball. Baseball in Chicago is one wild ride each year. Baseball is better in the sunshine. Why do the Cubs break my heart each year? I hope to live long enough to see that city series and the W flag go up at the end of game 7. But until then lets wait till next year :)

  • Adnan Khan

    I WANT ONEEEE lol. please? haha

    But i will always be a cubs fan. i have grown up to watch the cubs. when i was little i didnt even know there was another chicago team. only thought it would be the cubs. i mean c’mon it goes along with the bears as cubs and bulls– all animals. soxs?? really why would u be a fan of a clothing. I can wait another 100 years for the cubs to win a championship and still will be proud of them.


  • Sean

    I am a White Sox fan because one day at a family party, I watched a White Sox game with my grandpa. I still remember, it was early May in 2005, and Mark Buehrle was on the mound versus Toronto in Canada. While watching the game my grandpa taught me all the rules and history behind the game and behind baseball. The Sox won 5-4 that day, and with that I became a passionate White Sox fan. I love the Sox because my family loves the Sox, and because the I think the Sox represent the city best: We are blue-collar, and strive to get better and rich perfection, and when we don’t quite get there we beat ourselves up, but we keep on going. The Sox represent the city and its people. I love my Sox through good and bad, and the city couldn’t ask for a better team.

  • Karen

    I am a lifelong Cubs fan and have been since my childhood when our whole family would attend many games each season. Today, I am finally a part-season ticket holder and couldn’t be happier (well, except for when the Cubs win the World Series!)

  • Patrick Hohenbery

    I have been a White Sox fan my whole life. Went to my very first game back in 2004 and loved every minute, would love to go another but dont have the funds to get to Chicago. It would be awesome if I could score some new White Sox gear to show my support of my favorite team!

  • Martin

    I remember going to my first Cubs game in 1998; they lost to the Expos with Sammy Sosa getting picked off first base to make the final out in the bottom of the 9th. Being 9 at the time, I had no idea the world of pain I was inviting myself into by becoming part of Cubdom.
    But I still fondly remember commuting to high school in September of 2003 as a freshman and just feeling that crackle of electricity surrounding Wrigley every night. Forgoing homework to watch the games as that club teased us to 5 outs from the World Series.
    It’s tough going, but I love the Cubs, and moreso appreciate the work of Len & Bob and Pat & Keith (I’ll miss hearing Ron Santo until I pass on), in spite of bad clubs, those guys provide a helluva product.

    Go Cubs!

  • Dan Meehan

    Lets put it this way, for as long as I can remember the Cubs have been my 1st and only team that I can truly root for with all my heart, and no matter how much they disappoint me in the end, I always come back the day spring training opens up as if nothing has ever gone wrong.

    I wore #10 my first year ever playing baseball at age 5 because I had met Ron Santo on the Cubs field and saw him once a season every year until his passing, R.I.P Ronnie.

    I later changed my number to 5 as I hoped to be half the player Ronnie was, lets just say that didn’t happen. I can remember crying in the 2003 playoffs after game 7 had ended and never feeling such grief over a game. That is the day my dad told me, welcome to being a Cubs fan. Something he has been since 1969.

    To put the cherry on top, the first baseball game I ever attended was at old Comiskey Park and I was born and raised for the first 12 years of life on the South Side of Chicago, so how could you find anyone better than me, especially as a cubs fan and aspiring baseball coach.

  • Donnie

    I have been a cubs fan all my family is mostly cubs fans stretching all the way down to or lose I always back the cubbies

  • Ron Rudsinski

    I have been and always will be a Chicago White Sox fan. My dad was a huge fan and always insisted that I was one too. I have lived here in Omaha NE for 20 years now and have connected with quite a few loyal Sox fans here. GO SOX!!!!

  • Chad Kulpa

    I am a diehard White Sox fan. One thing I can say is being lucky enough to see the last game in Old Comiskey and the first game in New Comiskey. The Big Hurt got me liking the White Sox because he was unlike any other player. Watching him hit balls further than anyone else in the game was something amazing to watch. I also got the chance to meet him a few years back after the ’05 World Series and it was the highlight of my life. The White Sox are a team that take you on a roller coaster as a fan and that is what keeps me going back and staying interested in them…Don’t Stop Now Boys!

  • Timothy Thrash

    Growing up every weekend me and my mom would go to my grandma’s house. It was the most boring place in the world! Except for when they were watching Cubs games. That’s why I am hooked for life. A lot of Cubs memories trigger family memories. That’s how it is supposed to be! GO CUBS! (2014) :)

  • Matt P

    I was born and raised a Cubs fan. I go to games as much as I can, and I have 7 Cubs jerseys, 4 Cubs hats, 3 Cubs shirts, and 1 pair of Cubs shorts I’ve been watching games since I was little because baseball is my favorite sport. Everybody asks me if they have a question about the Cubs. That is how I became the biggest Cubs fan around…Go Cubs Go!

  • dabynsky

    Been a Cubs fan since I was six. I got a set of Cubs Topps cards in ’88, and went to my first game at Wrigley back then (against the Expos no less). I am not exactly sure what was the catalyst for this since I was six and my parents were transplants from Michigan, but I am cursed with the affliction of Cubs fandom for life now.

  • dalecasler

    i love the cubbies even when they suck for 105 seasons. that’s love. bladow!

  • Livivua Chandler

    i like the cubs. I like the colors and even though I am from Mississippi, they were first introduced to me my relatives in Chicago when I was in high school and went to t agame

  • Brian C

    Cubbie Blue thru & thru!

    I love the passion surrounding the Cubs, despite the team’s inability to win a championship.

    I’ve never embraced the perennial failures of the organization, but these are my guys and I stick with them through good times and bad.

    That said, the future of the Cubs has never been brighter and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s about time, eh?

    And who doesn’t appreciate or enjoy the pleasure of visiting Wrigley Field, what’s left of it?

    Go Cubs Go!

  • Haight

    One of my first childhood memories is actually Wrigley Field back in ’67 when I was 4. Cubs vs Cards and I was with my dad. We got there early back when the players would actually hangout on the field and you can watch batting practice. We were by the Cards dugout and Orlando Cepeda gave me a baseball. Remember it like it was yesterday. Die hard Cub fan ever since.

  • Jeff Ray

    I’m a CUBS fan because of all of the blood, sweat, and tears Bill Buckner put into just getting on the field every day. The man could barely walk but he’d turn a routine ground ball single into a hustle double if you napped on him. He deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame and it’s a shame the fans of Boston have kept him out.

  • George bell

    Growing up on the south side as a north side fan was not easy. I am a die hard cubs fan and have been for many years. The main thing that attracted me to the cubs as my team of choice was loyalty, regardless of what has happened to our team we still do what we can to support them and the players all seem to know that. Without the cubs I would be without baseball because I can and never will support a team like the soxs that seem to not have any respect for the fans.

  • Kristy

    I’m a die hard White Sox fan…cuz baby, I was born this way!!! #southside

  • Jack Dempsey

    well ya see, its pretty quite simple. I was 3 years old when my old man was teaching me how to ride a bike and i fell and scraped my knee. I looked down and saw blue blood… the rest is history. #GoCubsGo

  • Mina Awad

    North Side pride all the way! I grew into the loving family and its never been questioned! the North Side knows how to stay classy and value tradition more then any other team ive seen anywhere! Go Cubs!!

  • Brian S.

    I was raised on the north side and had the pleasure of watching the likes of Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Fergie Jenkins ply their trade. Unfortunately, I also endured the agony of the Cubs’ annual collapse — which also happened in 1970 and ’71, although not as dramatically as in ’69. In 1972, the White Sox acquired Dick Allen, were wearing the badass pinstripe unis you see at Sunday home games this year and a smartass announcer with the ridiculous name of Harry Caray. I was hooked immediately. I have been a Sox fan for 40 years now, through thick and plenty of thin. Early on, I learned that you can’t be for both teams. My choice was easy, and I’ve never looked back. I skate men’s roller derby and have chosen “South Side” as my nickname. I am, without a doubt, the biggest White Sox fan in Burlington, Vermont!

  • Steven Thill

    Ive been a die hard cubs fan since I was born. Have always been wearing something with the cubs, wether its been a bracelet, necklace, shirt or hat. I’ll be reppin’ the cubbies till I day! Still my team wether they win or lose! GO CUBS GO!!

  • Jim Masterson

    My parents took me to my first White Sox games back in the days of Dick Allen and Wilbur Wood and I have been a lifelong fan ever since. The time spent with my family at Old Comiskey and then later the new park represents some of the best memories of my entire life.


  • Emily

    when i was young my dad wanted to take me to a cubs game. i threw a fit and didn’t wanna go to some stupid baseball game. he made me go and i had the time of my life. cubs won, i got a hot dog and peanuts and a foam finger! ive been a cubs fan ever sense and me and my dad go to at least one game a year!

  • Louie Gama

    I have been going to White Sox games ever since I was a 5-year old kid. My father was a avid White Sox fan, and he loved Nellie Fox, Sherm Lollar,Billy Pierce and Minnie Minoso. He used to take my brother and I to all Bat days, and Helmet days, they were always doubleheaders back then. My favorites back then were Carlos May, Jorge Orta, Dick Allen, Bill Melton and Richie Zisk. I have been a die-hard White Sox ever since, sorry to say my father passed some time ago and he never seen the 2005 World Series Champs. I followed the family tradition with my son and daughter, and they too are now big White Sox fans, they have have their favorites also, Magglio Ordonez, Frank Thomas, Robin Ventura, and right up to the current White Sox. The White Sox Tradition will never die in the Gama Family!

  • Dom A.

    Growing up on the south side of the city, a lot of people would find it strange that some of my earliest baseball memories were sitting in the early afternoon sun at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs play a day game. But I remember sitting on my dad’s lap next to my grandfather and hearing him point out Andre Dawson out in right field, watching Ryne Sandberg, Shawon Dunston and Mark Grace turn a double play. As I was a young, impressionable child, after my parents separated I tended to follow whichever team my friends and other family members rooted for, but those memories of the Friendly Confines never faded. As my uncle was a Sox fan, I began to follow both the Cubs and White Sox for a few years in the early 90’s and I was even able to go to a few games on the south side, one of which was at the old Comiskey Park. By then, I was mentioning Grace, Sosa and Maddux in the same vein as McDowell, Thomas and Ventura. But all of that changed on a warm July day in 1995. We sat in the upper deck on the 3rd base side, right near where I used to sit with my dad. That view brought all of those childhood memories rushing back and It was at that time, watching batting practice in the early afternoon sun that I knew where my allegiance fell. Through the good times and the bad, the ups and the downs, through Home Run Races and Bartman Incidents, I am proud to say that I am a loyal, diehard Cubs fan and I always will be.

  • AJ

    Although I grew up on the North Side, my little league team for four years was the wonderful White Sox! That and the first MLB game I ever attended as a kid was at Old Comisky. After that I was hooked and have been a Sox fan every since (much to the chagrin of my old-man who loves those loveable losers).

  • Jessica F

    I’m a Cubs fan because my first sports memory is Milt Pappas’ almost perfect game. That broke my 5 year old heart so much that I became a huge Cubs fan. Also, there’s NOTHING like the Wrigley experience at 1:20 on a weekday afternoon when you should be at work :)

  • Nick

    I have been a Cubs fan all my life. My father has many ties to Chicago, and after visiting I absolutely fell in love with the city. The cubbies have been and always will be my MLB team. Through the good times and bad, I will support them. Also, my favorite baseball player has always been Sammy Sosa so watching him with the Cubs was awesome. Go cubbies go! We believe!
    By the way, X-Factor from pointed me here so shoutouts to him.

  • Mark

    Why I am a Cubs fan? Hmmm.. I wonder the same thing anymore.. Haha. I was literally born a Cubs fan, I say that because my dad and two of my brothers were wearing Cubs shirts on the day I was born. Since then I have loved the Cubs and I love going to Wrigley to watch them play.

    I’m definitely digging that Cubs gear!

  • Peter fleming

    Chicago for the the win!!:)
    They own in every single way
    By far the best team
    Been a life long supporter and will die supporting them

  • Jaisey

    Every year I wonder why I’m a Cubs fan.. I still haven’t exactly figured it out. (I’m actually from southern/central Illinois where it is Cards country!) But every year, I root for my Cubbies hoping for a lot of wins. Even though we don’t always get a lot (ESPECIALLY this year) I still love them and root for them daily! And besides, what is cuter than watching 2 little boys sing “Go, Cubs, Go” jumping around the TV every time we win?? Seriously, after the win breaking the 12-loss streak, they were so excited, you’d of thought we won the Series!

  • Amanda F

    I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life. Grew up as a Cubs fan and will die as a Cubs fan. I even made sure that I married a Cubs fan….unlike my traitor sister. My son’s first outfit after being born was a Cubs onsie. Even though the Cubs may be losing, there is always a great time going to Wrigley and catching a game. Hopefully I will pass on my love for the Cubs to my kids, who will one day actually get to see a World Series win.

  • stel

    hope to win this!

  • Big Willie

    I am a die-hard Cubs fan and proud to say it! I love the fact that Cubs fans see each other as a giant family. You could walk past a stranger with a Cubs shirt on and say, Go Cubs” and in return you receive a smile or a “This year is our year”. Cubs fans have been through good, bad and ugly, but we never lose hope or faith in our North Siders. The loyalty of Cubs fans is indescribable and will stay strong through our children, their children and so on and so on…GO CUBS GO!!!

  • Alyssa

    I remember going to my first Cubs game with my mom when I was about 7 years old. I already loved the Cubs because we watched them on tv all the time and like many others, I would say I was born a Cubs fan. But it was that first visit to Wrigley that really cemented that relationship.

  • Samantha

    I am a Cubs fan because I was born during the Cubs game around 3:30 in the afternoon on June 8th, 1987!

  • Daniel

    I’ve been bleeding Cubbie Blue since I left the womb. There exists a myth which details how I was born in full uniform. Ever since that, I’ve endured the heartbreaks and (few) happy times every game. Every Season. Cubs ‘Til I Die.

  • Tim Stebbins

    I’m a Cubs and Sox fan. People usually laugh at me for this, but if my city has two teams, why can’t I be a fan of both? My friends call me “The Walking ESPN” because of how much I know about all sports, and a lot of it is Chicago sports. All I wear are Cubs and Sox shirts during the summer, no matter how weird people may think it is. I love going to Wrigley and U.S. Cellular to watch games. Even if my teams are bad, I still hope that they can win on that one night. Baseball is better in Chicago, and that goes for the Cubs and White Sox.

  • Jake

    I am a cubbie fan because ever since i was born my aunt has taught me to love the best teams in America and she was smart enough to show me the one and only Chicago Cubs. I have been to games and events. I still believe that the goat curse is a hoax we just havent had our time yet im 12 years old and i know a lot of cubs history. my favorite player is Tony Campana. I know you guys might not think he is the best but to me he is a fan favorite. He was the only player that came and signed autographs at a game in Cincinnati. And then the game after he hit an inside the park home run. I would love to win this contest because i have been a cub fan since i was born and until i die.

  • Eric

    Life long Sox fan. I grew up watching and idolizing Frank Thomas. He’s a first ballot Hall of Famer in 2014. Paul Konerko will join him in the hall.

  • Dan

    Yo ain’t cool unless your a Cubs fan!

  • Bethany

    My Grandpa had 5 girls, but always wanted a “sports fan boy”. I was that “boy”. At a very young age I showed interest in sports, and loved cuddling in his chair with him while he yelled at the TV. He started me out with the Bulls, then the Bears, and then the White Sox. When I was 8, I wondered why he hated the Cubs so much – I was too young to understand. I decided it wasn’t as much fun always cheering for the same team as him, so I told him I would start cheering for the Cubs. At first he was furious, but after awhile he told me he didn’t care who I cheered for as long as I stuck with ONE team only and poored my soul into them. And I have! We had great times rooting against each other, and now when the Sox beat the Cubs I shake my fist at the sky because I know he had something to do with it LOL.

  • Steve Boyd

    I became a Sox fan through my dad. We used to go to games all the time when I was a kid at Old Comiskey.

  • Jon Longfellow

    I am a DIEHARD Cubs fan. I don’t have red blood – it’s cubbie blue. Been a Cub fan since 1968 and have learned what elation, disappointment, and patience is all about. It’s gonna happen!

  • Carlos Hranicka

    I have been a Chicago WhiteSox fan since birth because I LOVE THE WHITESOX and they are an EXCELLENT team to follow and their ballpark is an EXCELLENT place to play, they were EXCELLENT when they won the championship in 2005(granted everyone has their slumps for a while) but they will always try their best to be EXCELLENT!!!!!!

  • Matt I

    I was born a North Side Sox fan! My grandfather was a Cubs fan but my Dad saw the light and picked the Sox, and taught me well.

  • Ricky

    Life Long Cubs fan, but I dont hate the Sox im just not a fan of minor league baseball….

  • Jake

    when will we know who won

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