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Thread: 2020 NBA All-Star Game officially coming to Chicago

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    Post 2020 NBA All-Star Game officially coming to Chicago

    After a report leaked on Thursday afternoon that Chicago would host the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made it official on Friday. Silver was joined by Bulls vice president John Paxson, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Bulls president Michael Reinsdorf as they officially made the announcement inside the United Center. This will mark the first time since 1988 that Chicago has hosted the event with it taking place inside Chicago Stadium. That year Bulls legend Michael Jordan and Atlanta's Dominique Wilkins put on a show in one of the best NBA Slam Dunk Contests ever. Jordan took home the MVP honors and won the Slam Dunk Contest in front of the hometown crowd. Silver went on to say that he remembered that legendary event. ‘‘It was a great event then," Silver said via the Chicago Sun Times. "I have fond memories of it then. I was sitting way up in the rafters. I look forward to better seats next time.’’ As for if there was some "home cookin" during the Slam Dunk Contest, Silver joked about MJ being one of his bosses. The 2020 event will host a week's worth of events in the city of Chicago and bring a long a HUGE party for the entire weekend. It's something that Emanuel has been pushing for to come to Chicago for a long time and now he got his wish. Image via Larry Hawley


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    Ol Jerry gave in huh?

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    Can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to attend the dunk contest/3 point shootout and all star game. Glad to see it come to Chicago. I’ll definitely be attending unless something comes up.
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    Depends on a few things, but I'd like to go as well.

    Would suck if by 2020, the Bulls have no all-stars though. They'll put someone in one of the events just for hometown support, and we'll likely see a few former greats do some of the celeb and shooting star events.

    I went to a probowl while stationed in Hawaii. It really had that exhibition feel from start to end, even after meeting some players. IMO not worth paying a lot for tix.

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    All star games were fun when I was 10 years old. Now its just a meaningless exhibition game.


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