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you only handed me da joint, i decided to take a toke. i had the addition from da minecraft.. its been years since i put in hundreds and hundreds of hours into that game.. so its refreshing to play a similar game after such a long break. i cant bring myself to ever go back to minecraft. it held me due to the creative aspect but combat n the bit graphics sucked.

only played 7d2d for an hour today and i think thats it..going to normal game hours......i just scouted out locations near me base so i can make a horde day base. it wont take long to build a structure.. i already have 20k block rebar and 20-30k of cement just sitting there ready to go....

i tried going to the nearby winter biome and what seems like the the tallest point on the map.. but most of the top of the mountain is snow and dirt and i would have to dig out a lot to reinforce it. goal is to build a small tower surrounded with pits and maybe a small wall to slow them in spikes..

i did just find out there are snowballs in the game.. managed to collect 6000 fairly easy shoveling. 1 snowball can make 1 jar or can of water in the campfire. i generally only refill water once every few weeks and started that under ground pool as reserves.. now i wont have to collect water forever. unless it melts and turns to something else in storage.. will find out..
Imagine if you, me, or anyone spent hundreds of hours teaching our kids how to punt a football. Wed all be rich.