Seeing if other fans feel the same way as me.

I know Jerry is a fucktard, I think Gar belongs in a mall somewhere dressed as Santa. Pax has too many ego issues to be in management. I know this broken record, and would love to see them all get replaced. The league is fucked and top heavy with a commissioner that seems to spearhead a lot of policies that continue and increase that trend, which I hope he 180s soon. But as a realist, that's not going to happen(at least not any time soon) and just want to enjoy some entertainment, for that simple fact, it's entertainment.

All that being said, for a shitty ass team, this Bulls team is actually a lot of fun to watch. Maybe it's all those years of drafting 'high-bball-IQ' guys, but they get creative on the floor and it shows a lot of promise. It's not like watching the baby Bulls all over again and we're seeing bursts from unlikely players all the time. A low-expectation environment, as many players have put it, and it's working.

Out of the last so many games, the Bulls were doing a good job beating up middle of the pack teams for 2-3 quarters, then simply shutting down to still get that loss. I think these players have bought into the idea that the team is tanking, put in that 100% effort, then shut it down. A lot of good and bad comes with this style of development, because learning how to close out games is not just flipping on a switch. However, for all intents and purposes, it will keep the Bulls in a place where they get top odds for a top draft pick.
A lot of the stars that know how to win games are simply getting old, so by the time this team comes full circle(and that is really the ONLY hope for a Bulls fan right now) in the next few seasons, they should be a contender again. I still want those fucktards gone, but I like a lot more about this team, this situation, than I have over the last 4-5 seasons of "just blow it up already". And most importantly, I can enjoy watching games with no expectations(other than expecting a top pick).

Anyone else kind of feel similarly?