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How the Bears could make the 3-4 Defense work

The 3-4 defense has made it's way throughout the NFL. Just like teams jumped on the Run & Shoot offense in the early 90's, the 3-4 has become commonplace for many defenses in the game today. The Bears and Lovie Smith were both extremely stuck in the traditional 4-3, with a Tampa twist. But now, with Smith gone, there is a possibility of a new coach bringing in a new staff which would prefer a 3-4 defens ...

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Marquee Match-Up of the Week: MJD and the 4-3

Coming off of last week’s Monday night win in Dallas, the Bears confidence has to be sky high. However, that’s what it was coming off of the week one victory over the Colts, and look what happened the next game. Fortunately for them, they get to travel to Northern Florida to face the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Of course, there is the whole “any given Sunday” mantra, and the Bears will have to com ...

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