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It’s Time to Change MLB’s Replay System: Abolish ‘Call Stands’

There have been objectively incorrect calls from umpires since the beginning of baseball. The number of blown calls across Major League Baseball now in comparison to the rest of the sport's history isn't better or worse, but our society's endless coverage of the sport ensures that we specifically hear about each and every one. The more people see the calls, the more people clamor for reform. It starts to fe ...

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Dear Mr. Fantasy: Is Pujols Beginning His Decline?

While this is an interesting topic on its own, Fantasy Baseball is nigh and people have decisions to make regarding keepers or their first round picks. I’m going to evaluate Pujols’ 2011 stats to determine if Pujols will have a Pujols-like season in 2012 or if 2011 was the start of his decline. Because, let’s face it, hitters don’t stay awesome forever: they have to start declining at some point. For starte ...

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