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All-Star Game voting does not indicate merit for trio of Cubs

Wednesday afternoon saw the first public release of MLB All-Star Game voting results for the 2016 season. Unsurprisingly, the Chicago Cubs dominated the voting leaderboard. What is a bit surprising, however, is who was receiving some of the votes. The National League’s leading vote-getter through the first round of voting is Anthony Rizzo, who has put up impressive run-production numbers despite going throu ...

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MLB All-Star Game: Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant recap

Just last week we learned that Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant would not only be representing the Chicago Cubs in the 2015 MLB All-Star Game but in the Home Run Derby as well. Rizzo was the first batter up in the Home Run Derby and got off to a slow start. Rizzo had a tough time finding rhythm with his pitcher and called a timeout to settle things down. Rizzo ended up with eight home runs but was eliminated b ...

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Bulls Show: Nillz Hitz (All-Star Weekend Edition)

A recap of the NBA's version of Super Bowl weekend. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. NBA All-Star weekend kicked off Friday night with the celebrity game. Kevin Hart became the first participant to win MVP two years in a row after the West defeated the East 58-38. After catching a brief highlight of the MVP, Nillzgal sincerely asked why Nate Robinson was playing in the event. TEAGUE PASS ALERT. Jeff Teague of the A ...

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The MLB All Star Game is a Joke

The MLB All Star game is a joke. Not like a, "Oh man this is funny!" joke, but like a bad joke that renders a room silent and proverbial crickets are all that breaks up the embarrassing, awkward dumbness. The there are many punch lines when it comes to the All Star game, and they're all bad. And every single one of them is predicated upon the biggest joke of them all: that the winner decides who receives ho ...

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D-Rose Leads Eastern Guards in First All-Star Returns

The first returns of 2012 All-Star voting came out today, and there were some familiar names on the list. Most notably, Bulls' MVP Derrick Rose is leading Eastern Conference guards with 640,476 votes good enough for fourth overall in the league. In addition, Bulls starting center Joakim Noah is second overall among Eastern Conference centers, RIP Hamilton is eighth among guards, Luol Deng is seventh among f ...

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An All-Star Weekend to Mend

2011's All-Star weekend was an improvement over the last few seasons. The new faces, Bieber fever, dunk props, and an over-all California tone set this year apart from others. I personally think the entire 3 day event could be better, not a little better, but a lot better. Read on, and give us your ideas for a better NBA All-Star weekend. ...

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