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Kobe Bryant: Is the Lakers Star the NBA’s New Knight in Shining Armor

It may have taken his whole career to get to this point.  But, the Los Angeles Lakers' superstar Kobe Bryant is now in a position to become the new hero of the NBA.  With the formidable three-headed dragon growling in Miami, he could be the only one in the league that can slay the monster.  And outside South Beach, that is something that most NBA fans (and league officials) would love to see. The new "Super ...

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Michael Jordan: How His Airness Stacks Up Against Today’s NBA Stars

In today's media outlet, Michael Jordan is not only known as the greatest of all time, but the infamous player who is now compared to multiple NBA stars. Jordan has not only defined what a respected athlete was intended to symbolize, but altered the game of basketball. Despite a nationwide popularity that no other athlete has attained, the North Carolina University graduate has earned himself a handful of a ...

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NBA Finals Review: Lakers Win in 7

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their 16th Championship as a franchise, and are now 1 title away from matching the Boston Celtics. The series began with an L.A. victory in Game 1. Both teams went back-and-forth for the first 4 games - leaving the NBA Finals tied at 2 wins apiece. Andrew Bynum, who had been extremely effective up to that point, tweaked his already-injured knee in Game 4. Before that, the Lak ...

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