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Chicago Cubs: Let’s talk about Fernando Rodney

And because Jason Motte got hurt and Rafael Soriano fizzled (and got hurt), Fernando Rodney is the latest "I-used-to-be-awesome-but-now-I'm-kind-of-not" pitcher to be signed by the Chicago Cubs in hopes of aiding the bullpen down the stretch. The question, as it is for all trades of this nature, is whether or not the 38-year-old Rodney has anything left. Rodney's 2015 numbers suggest he does not. In 54 appe ...

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Chicago Cubs first half grades: Pitching

Entering the 2015 season, opinions varied wildly as to where exactly the Chicago Cubs were going to fit. Some well-intentioned, over-eager supporters declared the Cubs were ready for prime time --that Kris Bryant would hit 84 home runs and drive in 250 runs. Others thought a .500 finish would be a sign of "The Plan" functioning properly. Some thought a little over .500 was in the works, and that a wild card ...

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The Chicago Cubs Bullpen: way more reliable than you thought they were

Bullpens are a little bit like NFL kickers: the screen time is minimal, the glory only as deep as your last appearance, and you're mostly ignored...unless you screw it up. For the last month, the Chicago Cubs bullpen hasn't been screwing it up. In June, the Cubs bullpen has pitched the 4th most innings in the majors (82.1), but has given up the second fewest runs (15). That works out to a sparkling 1.42 ERA ...

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Ventura finally has chance to determine bullpen roles

More than in any sport, champions in baseball have their differences from year to year in the way each team is constructed. However, the one thing mostly all of them have in common is that they not only have good bullpens, but ones where everyone knows their roles. The 2012 White Sox not only have yet to find out who has what roles in that bullpen, but they haven’t had a chance to. Two weeks ago, the White ...

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