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Fantasy Rankings Week 2 Preseason

2014 Fantasy Player Rankings: Week 2 Preseason With one full week of preseason over, the rankings moved around quite a bit. We got a chance to see some players, not many have heard of, do some specials things over the weekend. Along with some players that are well known, do some not so great things. Fantasy wise we will get a better look into the players as we head into week two, as the starters should play ...

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Video of Lance Briggs’ Hit on Lions WR Calvin Johnson

The 37-13 stomping of the Detroit Lions was one filled with huge hits, fights, and passionately played football. Here is a video of Lance Briggs' hit on Calvin Johnson. Briggs was penalized for the hit, do you agree with the call? Let us know in the comments. Before the video check out this sweet shot of Calvin Johnson on his back! Best part of the screenshot is Grossman's stat line, not even playing for Ch ...

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Bears 3-0, but not many buying team’s success

When you talk about the 2010 Chicago Bears it's hard to have a conversation without the word "respect" coming into play. It's a word I hope to hear a lot more as the season goes on, because the more I hear about how the Bears aren't getting any "respect" the more likely it will be that they are winning consistently. A win in Dallas was big, a win against the Packers at home was bigger. Yet somehow the Bears ...

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NFL Sunday Week 1 Observations

The first Sunday of the NFL regular season is in the books, and what an eventful opening week it was. There is plenty to talk about, from games all across the league. It seems appropriate to start with the Bears-Lions game, and while there is plenty of other great coverage of that game on the site, I would like to add my two cents. Obviously there was at least one other controversial play in the game, Javhi ...

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