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More free agent work needs to be done for the Chicago Bears

As we hit day nine of NFL free agency and inch closer to the 2015 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears have put in work. While some may not think it is enough, they have picked up five players thus far;  four of which will be day one starters and one for camp depth.  Trust me, I get the anxiousness, but there is a method to Ryan Pace's madness. That said, there are still needs to be addressed.  The Bears have about ...

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Does Joel Przybilla Present an Upgrade over Omer Asik?

It isn't new news that free-agent center Joel Przybilla is on the Chicago Bulls' radar. Since the lockout ended, rumors of Przybilla making his way to Chicago have been rumored and discussed. It appears we may be getting closer to having an answer. reporter Sam Smith discussed the Przybilla rumors in his latest mailbag: The Bulls have worked him basically since the lockout ended and I’ve heard the ...

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Joakim Noah: Time for Chicago Bulls Fans to Face the Facts About Their Center

This is not easy to do, but it is time for Chicago Bulls fans to face the facts about Joakim Noah and really begin to question what exactly is going on with his game. Noah, once the heart and soul of the Bulls team, now finds himself the subject of numerous "What's Wrong?" columns; more importantly, he's finding himself on the bench far more than at any point past his rookie campaign. Noah is seeing his num ...

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