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Notre Dame National Championship preview

"It will be at least 22, if not 122, or even 222 years" said ESPN College Football Live host, Reece Davis when talking about when Notre Dame will return to the national title game. As the season began college football "experts" around the nation tore apart the Notre Dame football program calling it "irrelevant" and that it no longer deserved any consideration among the nation's top. ESPN columnist Rick Reil ...

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Why Brandon Roy’s Knees Should Scare the Chicago Bulls

Much has been made over the past week about the Chicago Bulls perceived interest in soon-to-be free agent, and likely amnesty clause victim, Brandon Roy. While there is a multitude of reasons to be excited about a potential Roy acquisition, provided the Portland Trailblazers use their amnesty clause on the 27-year-old, there is much to be worried about including some glaring warning signs. Royis considered ...

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