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Bears’ Affairs: Who Should Win the Free Safety Duel, Major Wright or Danieal Manning?

With a seemingly beefed up squad entering 2010, the Chicago Bears are soon to reveal the athletes who earned their starting spot among a team representing Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo's crucial year. Major Wright, a free safety product from Florida University, has been highly touted in regards to none only but the duo of Smith and Angelo. Fan favorite Mike Brown has even been in comparisons between the two ...

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Freddie Barnes: Chicago’s New Homegrown Wide-Out Prospect?

In all the rumors and the speculation regarding how good or bad the Chicago Bears will be next season, who will start where, and even who will be here in Week One — Freddie Barnes stands out in a group of young, underrated, under-appreciated prospects seeking to make a positive impact in the National Football League this coming year. Well, quite frankly, he won't make much of an impact next year, either. Ye ...

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The Chicago Bulls Shouldn’t Bite on LeBron James

You read it correctly. The Chicago Bulls should not pull the trigger on LeBron James in this off season's upcoming free agency. After taking notes from the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers in this year's final match up, I've came to the conclusion of many points including individuals that are obvious. So far, this is all I've attained. #1 | One player doesn't make a team. - Pretty obvious here. The Kob ...

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