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Nillz & The Chicago Bulls Season Ticket Draft (Part II)

CLICK HERE FOR PART I OF THIS POST. As mentioned in Part I, Wolf had already made his draft strategy transparent in the cab, but my approach considered several other variables based on the profitability of games. As implied earlier by Nillzgal's financial contributions, I modestly (shamelessly?) admit my wallet isn’t deep enough to attend every game despite my enthusiasm as a Bulls fan. I try to sell most o ...

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Nillz & The Chicago Bulls Season Ticket Draft (Part I)

In episode 9 of the Bulls Show, Mitch and I discussed my favorite annual tradition next to Thanksgiving: The Chicago Bulls Season Ticket Draft. Rather than simply go through the motions of the yearly event, I felt compelled to document and share the unique experience with you in the form of a (long-winded, but hopefully entertaining) running diary. Before we dive into the draft itself, it’d be best to provi ...

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