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Welcome to the #SoxSocial Lounge

Now I’ve always thought the White Sox did an awesome job on social media. Not only do they provide the typical ballgame recap, but also engage with fans through just about every social media platform possible. Personally, I love their Vine video pregame lineups! Being such a huge @whitesox social media fan, you can imagine how excited I was for Sox Social Day #2 during Monday night’s match up against the Bo ...

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Chicago Media Prepares for Life After Ozzie

 In 2004 Ozzie Guillen was hired as the new White Sox manager and quickly brought the south side franchise out of the Cubs shadow. Yes he led the Sox to 99 victories and a World Series championship in 2005 but that was only part of the reason the team grabbed headlines. Ozzie replaced an older, much more reserved manager in Jerry Manuel. His short fuse, willingness to say anything about anyone and humorous  ...

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