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White Sox continue to struggle against AL Central

It should go without saying that if you want to win, or even compete within your division, you need to beat your division opponents.  Sure you can break even against the division and beat up on the other teams in your league and do well in interleague play, but beating your division rivals is really the key to being a factor in the race. This is something the White Sox have failed at over the last several y ...

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: What to get that Chicago sports fan in your life

When you're not stressing out watching Chicago sports teams (we know you do), you probably should get a start on that holiday shopping. Yes, the lines will be long and the crowds will be fierce but what if I told you that one spot had all you needed and you didn't even have to leave the couch? We put together this holiday gift guide filled with the perfect gift ideas for the Chicago Sports fan in your life. ...

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NBA Offseason: Grading each free agent signing for Chicago

This year in free agency there have been some obvious winners like the San Antonio Spurs and obvious losers like Dallas and Portland. When it comes to Chicago, they have flown under the radar while still making some solid moves. The Chicago Bulls had limited cash to spend this offseason so they brought back nearly every player from last year's squad. With all things considered, the Bulls did what they could ...

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NBA Offseason: Chicago Bulls should Keep the Team Intact for One More Season- Here’s Why

This offseason there has been much speculation weather Chicago will try to make any trades, particularly involving reserve power forward Taj Gibson and starting center Joakim Noah. After the way the Bulls exited the playoffs last season, many people are entertaining the idea of trading the two aging but still highly productive big men to free up cap space to potentially sign a star player. Although it sound ...

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