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Devin Hester’s One Handed Touchdown Catch vs Dallas Cowboys

To all of the Devin Hester naysayers, I hope that you catch a glance of this video. In the 2nd quarter Hester reeled in a 9-yard TD catch from Jay Cutler. Easily the best catch of Devin Hester's career, you'll see it on youtube and being replayed many times in the future. Many people have doubted Hester's ability as a WR, I have been one to doubt him myself. He is making strides to put these "doubts" to res ...

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Is 2010 a Make-or-Break Year For Brian Urlacher’s Hall of Fame Bid?

In 2000, the NFL fanatics across the world witnessed a new rookie linebacker who claimed the Defensive Rookie of the Year and took over the league for several more years. Brian Urlacher, a Pasco, Washington native, has been one of the most highly touted linebackers ever. Known for his unmatched combination of speed, agility, size and strength, the 2005 NFL Defensive Player of the Year has become one of the ...

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Bears’ Affairs: Can Devin Hester Blossom Into Our Leading Receiver?

April 29, 2006. It's the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. You, Jerry Angelo, have decided to rely on your beloved quarterback; Rex Grossman. One who attains such a large amount of talent, similar to the player that's on your mind at the moment. You find out you're on the clock and immediately, your mind is racing with potential picks. Then, you think how Devin Hester, the corner from Miami with brilliant ...

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Halas Hall Woes: Lovie Smith and Mike Martz Feud

Not too long after Chicago Bears' new offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, entered Halas Hall, arguments have already arisen. Now, I've never been the one to blast Lovie Smith, unlike most. In my eyes, he is a decent head coach. Additionally, the fact he has to win this year in order to keep his job does nothing but spice things up. But I'm calling him out in this article. Lovie, please, be quiet and do your ...

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