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Who’s the Best in the AL Central?

With the Cleveland Indians in first place and the Detroit Tigers 3 games under .500 (at the time of this writing), White Sox fans have to be wondering, two months into the season, who is the best team in the AL Central? On paper, the Tigers are the best team. But we all know how much value “on paper” doesn’t have (see: 2011 White Sox). So, how can we determine who the best team is? By looking at each team’s ...

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LeBron’s Heat vs. Cavaliers – How Michael Jordan Caused This Showdown

"Cleveland, its not you, its me." On the eve of his first showdown with his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James has gotten used to his new villain role with the Heat. Let's not go as far as to say that he's comfortable with it, but just accepting. No more disapproving Twitter updates. He finally knows what we know. Nothing he will ever do will ever make up for his bumbling of this situation. N ...

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Joakim Noah Featured in “Friends” Commercial for Bulls

Some comments uttered by Joakim Noah to the basketball media, in the midst of this past April's Bulls-Cavaliers series, are being used on to promote Chicago Bulls' basketball for the up-coming 2010-11 NBA Season.  The comments being used in the commercial came after a reporter asked Joakim if he regretted sharing his negative views about the city of Cleveland, Ohio - which drew snickers from Chica ...

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Who’s a Better Bull: D-Wade or the Akron Hammer?

A question that fans around the globe are currently asking, that was considered irrelevant before the Summer of NBA Free Agency 2010, is now being proposed. Would Dwyane Wade provide more benefit in the Chicago Bulls' favor than LeBron James? The Bulls have been missing talent at the shooting guard position following the departure of Ben Gordon. Ronald "Flip" Murray could shoot threes well, but was consider ...

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