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Tom Thibodeau Should Be The Richest Coach in the NBA

Imagine that you are the best at your job amongst your current peers. You’re the “best” not only in terms of intangibles or generalities, but as defined by results and recognition. How should you be rewarded for your performance and effort? What would be your expectations from a compensation and commitment standpoint? In an ideal and fair world, the “best” would receive the highest paycheck and most securit ...

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Lovie Smith: NFL Coach of the Year?

It's hard to believe I have actually typed those words, but I did, and I'm not the only one. What has happened this season, whether it has been pretty or not, has to have Lovie Smith in the discussion for the honor of Coach of the Year, and I'm sure it brings mixed emotions to Bears fans all over. Prior to the season, the Bears hadn't been given much respect in the minds of the prognosticators: Fox Sports ( ...

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