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Tom Thibodeau Should Be The Richest Coach in the NBA

Imagine that you are the best at your job amongst your current peers. You’re the “best” not only in terms of intangibles or generalities, but as defined by results and recognition. How should you be rewarded for your performance and effort? What would be your expectations from a compensation and commitment standpoint? In an ideal and fair world, the “best” would receive the highest paycheck and most securit ...

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Bullseye View: Who Should We Want To Win?

As we Bulls' fans sit and wait for the 2009-10 NBA Season to come to an end, and for the July 1st starting date of Free Agency, we also take note that there is a battle going on between two NBA powerhouses. The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are knotted 2-2 in their series, with vital Game 5 being played tonight [...] ...

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Cavs Fire Brown, Bulls Won’t Bite

The Cleveland Cavaliers have taken a big gamble by firing Mike Brown on Monday. Brown had served as head coach for the Cavaliers for 5 seasons with no NBA championships and 1 Finals appearance to show for it. This might be foreshadowing of other [...] ...

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Is LeBron James Windy City Bound?

Regardless about anything the media speculates over, there are many things hard to deny. Mike Brown has not been satisfactory in terms of running a fine-tuned offense. LeBron James does not get the ball in his hands enough when teams go up on Cleveland; instead Brown seems hell-bent on sticking with his regulation rotation of players... going 10-12 deep into his bench, despite when nearly all other post-sea ...

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The Trial of Coach Del Negro

With coaches available such as Byron Scott, Avery Johnson, Lawrence Frank, and Jeff Van Gundy, it definitely looks bleak that Vinny Del Negro will be back as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls next season- especially after every said and done by the media and the Bulls organization itself. Tensions are pretty high and it's obvious [...] ...

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