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Bulls Zone 25- K.C. Johnson

Once again another mid-week podcast from us here at Bulls Zone. Special guest K.C. Johnson joins us to talk about the injured hamstring of DRose, Boozer amnesty talks, and whether or not managament is looking into making any moves to get more offensive firepower in here. Also listen to find out who his favorite team to cover. Will and Jason also go into a little rant defending themselves to Pacer fans after ...

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Derrick Rose is playing with a chip on his shoulder

Scared, selfish, soft, fake, unmotivated, those were just a few of the nicer words that were thrown Derrick's way last season after sitting out for 18 months with an ACL injury. Being ranked 9th on ESPN's top 25 best PG list by Bradley Doolittle. He was also overlooked by being ranked as a part of the 9th worst backcourts in the league. You read that right, 9th worst! He says he didn't hear about a lot of t ...

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Thibodeau preaches mental toughness

Aw, how cute. You actually thought Thibodeau would baby these boys and abandon his next man up mentality? As much as it would make sense to play the nurturing mother babying her child after a fall on his bike, Thibs will always be the dad that brushes the dirt off and tells him to get his butt back on and keep riding! “Whatever it might be, you have to be ready to adapt and adapt quickly. That’s why it's a ...

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Bulls are prepared for a title run

“When I came in it surprised me, guys in shape, knocking down shots. There are guys working out even after practice. It’s a totally different team than last year where you have guys that are really preparing themselves for a big year.” Those were the words of our MVP after a recent practice as the Bulls prepare themselves for this season. This most likely is the biggest preseason in Bulls history. So many q ...

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Have the 2011-12 Chicago Bulls Regressed?

Bulls fan expected the 2011-12 Chicago Bulls to build on last year's impressive Eastern Conference Finals berth, but at this point, I can safely say that this year's Bulls team is in a worse position than last season. I hate to say this, especially after last night's thrilling victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Derrick Rose's buzzer-beater, but it needs to be said. Despite minimal roster movement and the N ...

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