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Some assembly required: management must hold up their end of the bargain, construct contender

  There's nothing more irritating in life than putting together furniture. Struggling for three hours reading directions in a mishmash of French, Portuguese and English. You open a bag of screws, plastic caps, faux wood rods and pour them into a huge pile. About half way through, it hits you that none of the self-tapping screws will tap. You're missing five screws. The bookshelf kind of leans to the le ...

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The 2K-esque Bulls rebuild

  I'll preface this exercise with this: these trade ideas don't stem from rumors or reports. Just pure speculation on my part. My rationale is this -- with the Bulls having limited salary cap flexibility for the next three seasons, their best chance to tweak their roster and loosen up some hefty salaries is to pull some in-season trades off as opposed to hoping they can land role players for the vetera ...

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The Mitch & Nillz Bulls Show – Episode 16: Media Day Optimism & Playoff Predictions

(@TheBullsShow) With less than a week until preseason action, the Bulls Show is back just in time to recap the good feelings from media day. Mitch & Nillz also analyze the Eastern Conference by identifying their playoff teams and predicting where the Bulls will land when the postseason begins. Of course, the show concludes with arguably the most popular segment in podcasting history, “The Fastbreak.” Th ...

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Chicago Bulls Clinch The Top Spot in the NBA Eastern Conference

The first seed in the East now belongs to the Chicago Bulls in the 2010-11 regular season after their 93-82 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Cavs ended with the best record in the Eastern Conference for the past two consecutive seasons until the Bulls officially recrowned them from that honor on Friday evening. Derrick Rose was not very aggressive but did not need to be since Cleveland did not have th ...

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