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Is there anything left on the waiver wire?

Are you looking for an extra bat or an extra arm for your fantasy baseball team and you aren't willing to make a trade? There are some good options waiting for you down in the waiver wire. You can find the players you need off waivers to give your team the edge it needs to compete for a championship without having to trade anyone from your team. Here are a few players that are probably available in your lea ...

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ChiCitySports & DraftStreet are offering FREE FANTASY BASEBALL!

That's right, you read the title correctly. Have you ever wanted to just play a days worth of fantasy baseball without constantly checking your lineup to make sure it's correct? Wanted to just play for free? Well we have teamed up with to provide free Fantasy Baseball this Friday! All you have to do is sign up HERE, and you will have the chance to win cash! Why sign up? Well it's free first ...

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The Cubs Top Fantasy Players in 2013

Unfortunately for Cubs faithful, 2013 doesn’t have the most promising of outlooks. As the rebuilding project continues, us Northsiders need distractions to make the 162-game season seem, well, not as soul-crushingly long. Is ‘soul-crushingly’ even a word? It is now. The good news is that fantasy baseball exists, and is there to help all fans, from the fair-weather to the die-hard, get through another potent ...

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Dear Mr. Fantasy: Is Pujols Beginning His Decline?

While this is an interesting topic on its own, Fantasy Baseball is nigh and people have decisions to make regarding keepers or their first round picks. I’m going to evaluate Pujols’ 2011 stats to determine if Pujols will have a Pujols-like season in 2012 or if 2011 was the start of his decline. Because, let’s face it, hitters don’t stay awesome forever: they have to start declining at some point. For starte ...

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Dear Mr. Fantasy: Finding Value

Baseball is almost here, and for those of us that cannot get enough of the game that means fantasy baseball is almost here as well. While it is only January, I argue it is never too early to start preparing for your fantasy baseball draft or auction. This being a Chicago Website, I would be remiss if I did not take a look at what Cubs and White Sox players would fit nicely into a fantasy baseball roster. I ...

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