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NFL Free Agency: Chicago Bears need for cornerbacks

The 3-4 defense has many needs to function properly and lock down cornerbacks are a big part of the process.  The Bears have had strong play from the corner position, but age has caught up with them.  Fortunately, there are some good corners on the free agent market. Byron Maxwell Byron plays with an identity.  He is not the most known name on the Seattle defense, but he gets it done.  He is a willing tackl ...

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NFL Free Agency: A look at safety options for the Chicago Bears

As we dig further into positions of need for the Chicago Bears in free agency, we come to a position that has been a bit of an anomaly over the last several years: safety. Mind you, it has not been for a lack of trying.  The Bears tend to draft a safety in every year of the draft but they have never really panned out and any attempt at signing free agents have had mixed results at best.  This should be the ...

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Why not the Chicago Bears?

Now that I’ve had a day (or two) to chew on, regurgitate, spew and watch the dog lick up that Bears-Panthers game from Sunday I can't help but wonder how many years Todd Collins and Jimmy Clausen set the NFL back. Collins, with his 6.2 quarterback rating, was a complete disaster, bringing back memories of 2004 Jonathan Quinn, 2006 Rex Grossman, and yes, even 2009 Jay Cutler. I thought he would fare better, ...

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