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Hilarious Epic Football Fail Video

The fail is strong with this one. In all of my years of watching funny football videos on the internet (mostly Detroit Lions "highlights"), I have not encountered such a play caught on bad as this one. I strongly urge you to watch this with caution. It will be the WORST play of football, you will ever watch in your life. It goes from really what in the hell is going on,  in a ...

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Funny Fantasy Football Team Names 2010 : Last Call

We have released our Great Fantasy Football Team Names for 2010 and our Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2010. Both articles have received a lot of attention from people seeking fantasy football team names. With such high demand for funny team names, we are piecing together one last article with a list of fantasy football team names...consider this our LAST CALL FOR 2010..... It's On Like Ndamukong Cumm ...

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Seattle Seahawks Fake Snake Prank Video

When the Seahawks aren't busy winning Super Bowls and hooking up with super models they prank their teammates. That is very admirable, considering the internet loves funny pranks on youtube. Check out this video as various Seahawk players go to reach for a Gatorade in a cooler, only to be greeted by a fake snake. Some of the reactions are hilarious. Surprisingly, Matt Hassellbeck was the only player to not ...

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